Meet the team: Andrei Miklin

Magnetic Creative

Andrei Miklin, Sales Manager at Magnetic Creative, is new to Magnetic, but aviation has been in his heart for a long time. What was his initial impression of Magnetic Creative, and what are the key goals for his first year with us? Read the interview and get to know Andrei better!

How did your aviation career start? What was your experience prior to joining Magnetic Creative, a member of Magnetic Group?

While still in high school, I started building scale models and dreaming of a career in aviation. After receiving my diploma in 1999, I had planned to begin studying at the top aviation university in the world, the former Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute (RCAEI), but it was shut down right after I graduated. As it was a challenging period for aviation and the former Soviet Union countries were dealing with significant internal and external issues, I had no alternative but to change my line of work. Therefore, my knowledge and experience are mostly related to the energy industry, where I had a highly inspiring and intriguing transition from technician to engineer to technical sales manager.

This year, however, I finally had an opportunity to familiarize myself with aviation, for I started striving towards my Private Pilot License (PPL). This August, I took my first solo flight, and it was a truly ecstatic moment. I was captivated and decided to look for a job in aviation, which is how I “landed” here at Magnetic Creative. I’m thrilled to be a member of this community of devoted aviation professionals.

What did you know about Magnetic Creative prior to joining? What was your initial impression when first starting?

I received information about the products and services provided by Magnetic Creative as well as its history and future ambitions. I was particularly intrigued by the growth opportunities and “carte blanche” approach at Magnetic Group, which gives the Sales Executive absolute freedom to travel wherever they please.

When entering the world of aviation, the first thing to realize is that it’s a whole different world and very rigidly standardized, with absolutely no resemblance to other spheres of activity. It’s a closed atmosphere run by professionals with zero tolerance for incompetence. Thus, I spend most of my time learning these days.

What are the main challenges in your line of work?

The main challenge now is to become a professional in my work. Fortunately, besides my knowledge and experience, I have a supportive team of colleagues who have worked in aviation for several years.

What are your key goals for the first year of your work?

My aim is to establish my own working style, a solid contact basis, and begin to grow our company. 

Besides work, what are your hobbies?

My hobbies vary significantly by season. In the summer, I enjoy cycling and jogging every evening after work. These activities make me feel good and keep me in good shape. Additionally, I like to go sailing with my friends; it is challenging, sometimes risky, but a lot of fun. This is the true magic that everyone should experience, and it is less expensive than most people believe.

For me, the most challenging season is winter. Given that I feel cold no matter what clothes I wear, I must have been born somewhere in a southern country. I, therefore, spend the majority of winter indoors. I might be found in the gym daydreaming about the upcoming summer from October through April. In my small workshop, I’m working on something with my son using various machines such as a lathe, milling machine, 3D printers, and so on.

I also enjoy taking photos. Not on a professional level, merely for myself, but I fancy the results. 

And a bonus question – what are your top destinations to travel to? 

I enjoy travelling! I prefer a warm climate with exciting things to discover. I’m not a fan of these 1-2 week beach vacations in Turkey or Greece in “ultra-all-inclusive” hotels. I spent two weeks in Malaysia, where we visited Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, and Borneo (the Malaysian part of the island). Asia is a fascinating and entirely new world to explore.  My most recent vacation took place in June, and in only one week, we were able to see Naples, Pompei, the Vesuvius crater, Sorrento, and Capri. Many locations and many emotions – exactly how I like it.