Faces of Magnetic: Maarja Jõe

Magnetic Talents

Maarja Jõe, Training Coordinator at Magnetic Training, is not only new at the company but also in the aviation industry. In fact, she has a rich environmental engineering and management background, and before joining the company, she knew about Magnetic Group only from the newspapers. Do not hesitate, and read all about how Maarja ended up in the aviation industry and what she enjoys most about it as we feature her as this month's Face of Magnetic. 

How did you get into aviation? 

As one of its kind in Estonia, Magnetic Group is a well-known and successful organization, even for those far from the aviation industry like me, as my background is in environmental engineering and management. However, for me, an important role in getting into the aviation industry holds LinkedIn and my personal "look-around mindset" - the training coordinator job advertisement just appeared on my feed on LinkedIn. I didn't hesitate to send my CV to the Magnetic Group HR team for a second, as I was thrilled about the possibility of sniffing the aviation industry. 

What was your previous experience before joining Magnetic Training? Did you know anything about Magnetic Training/Magnetic Group before joining? 

Magnetic Group wasn't something new to me, as from time to time, it was and still is possible to read articles and success stories about this company in Estonia's daily newspapers. Nonetheless, I was unaware that Magnetic Group, alongside aircraft maintenance, also offers training and many other aviation services (CAMO, design, painting, engine stands etc.). 

Although you have started just recently, what are you enjoying most about your work? What do you find the most challenging? 

Now I can't get enough to enjoy the privilege of walking around (of course, only where it is allowed!) in the airport territory and seeing those beautiful iron birds closely. On the one hand, it is challenging, but still, it is interesting to get to know trainees from such different nationalities and cultures. Therefore, our daily conversations have a lot of laughter and joyous amazement.