Values and personality


In a highly regulated sector, where every player is expected to deliver the highest quality on a technical and technological level, a company’s most valuable asset becomes its people.

That’s why we not only provide our customers with a wide range of high-quality services built on years of experience, but we do it with passion, commitment, and unrivalled enthusiasm.

Every person in the group lives and breathes the brand character, allowing us to elevate our know-how and experience to the highest level and make our offering so highly respected.

Doing business with Magnetic is not business as usual.

Our Values

Every step we take in developing our business, and every decision we make while solving daily operational issues is guided by values. Our values help define Magnetic Group’s employee and customer experience and build brand loyalty, thus creating a tangible long-term base to outperform the industry.


It makes us unique and gives us recognition in the market, putting us at the front of our customers’ minds. It is, therefore, a vital part of our brand story.

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    Our flexibility and size are a significant advantage over larger traditional aviation service companies. It allows us to tailor our offering to the exact needs of our clients. We are fast yet reliable. Most importantly, it allows us to maintain a close relationship with our clients – something that’s rare in this industry.

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    Respect and consideration are essential in guaranteeing the happiness of our employees, maintaining healthy business relationships, and protecting the planet. We are open-minded and forward-thinking. And we strive to minimise our environmental impact by optimising our resource management to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

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    Highly professional

    For us, professionalism is much more than just doing a great job. It is about embracing innovation and new technologies. It is always asking, can we do better? Today and tomorrow. It is about going that extra mile. It allows us to attract the best talent, build strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients, and keep growing our business.

Our personality

All the qualities that make up our brand personality are found in each of our employees. Because our people are the driving force behind our success.

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    Nothing is more valuable in our line of business than great relationships. We constantly observe and adapt. We want our customers to remember us for the impeccable service they received and because we connected with them on a human level.

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    Our employees love their jobs and are genuinely excited about everything they do. This passion comes across in their work. It is the magic ingredient that sets us apart from large impersonal corporations. This enthusiasm and dedication are felt across the whole Magnetic Group.


At Magnetic Group, we believe that being active together allows us to stay healthy and truly connect. Therefore we are dedicating our sponsorship efforts fully towards our employees, supporting their unique hobbies and encouraging an active lifestyle that has a lot of benefits both physically and mentally.


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