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We are passionate. We are driven. We are Magnetic. Whether you need maintenance, spare parts, engine repair, new creative approaches, technical training, great asset solutions or the most passionate team, we are always ready to help you.


We are working with partners who are used to managing highly stressful and complex business situations. We tailor to all specific aviation-related needs their partners and clients may have with one aim in mind – we want the whole process to go smoothly and to feel taken care of all along the way.


After all, for us it’s all about the emotional satisfaction that comes from seeing the service provider’s enthusiasm and passion.


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For me as a technical representative, it is always gratifying to work with such a highly motivated and professional team like Magnetic MRO. Even in difficult times, we as Austrian Airlines can rely on having a trustworthy and strong partner on our side. Our high standards and expectations have always been achieved or even exceeded over the years, so I look forward to our further cooperation with joy and confidence.

Austrian Airlines

Magnetic MRO’s commitment and dedication to long-term partnership have been greatly appreciated by Finnair. Their attention to detail, adherence to high-quality standards, professional communication and flexibility have contributed to the successful completion of before mentioned projects. Magnetic MRO is considered a reliable and trustworthy partner to Finnair.


It was once again a pleasure! Honesty in all communications towards the customer and the willingness to constantly improve make Magnetic MRO a delight to work with. Only problem is that after being here, it will be harder to tolerate dealing with MROs whose attitude and professionalism is not yet on the same level as yours.


All tasks assigned to the check were thoroughly investigated and any clarification required established in advance of the check. Facilities exceed all other MRO’s I have been to, all my needs were catered for and more.