Differentiation and positioning


We care. We care about your business, because the only way for us to grow is together. Thus, Magnetic Group delivers solutions and experience like no other aviation companies.

Our objective is that everything we offer becomes the benchmark within the aviation industry. We want to be the first company to come to our clients’ minds and the only place they turn.

Magnetic Group is a dynamic and evolving brand.

Our positioning

Yes, we’re pretty sure by now you’ve already established that we’re an extremely passionate company. But obviously there’s a reason for that – we are passionate, because passion makes a difference.

  • 1


    Our passion enables us to attract the most talented employees, from around the world.

  • 2


    Our passion allows us to constantly deliver exceptional service with unrivalled know-how and enthusiasm.

  • 3


    Our passion allows us to bring on new clients and partners, making Magnetic Group and its sub-brands the fastest-growing companies – in the industry.

  • 4


    Our passion gives us the courage to shake things up, push limits, and do things differently.

  • 5


    Our passion sets us apart from the competition, and it’s why we’re regarded as one of the best service providers in the industry.

  • 6


    Our passion keeps us hungry for more.

Brand movie

The concept of our brand movie is to provide a short video that captures the feeling of the brand book but in sound and moving images.


This brand film translates the values of Magnetic Group and explains visually and emotionally the soul of the brand.