We’ve been approved by many – here you can examine certificates and approvals granted to all our companies.

Magnetic MRO

EASA Part 145 MOA

CAAC Maintenance Organization Certification

FAA Air Agency Certificate

FAA Operations Specifications

EASA Part-CAMO Approval

EASA Part 21 Subpart J DOA

EASA Part 21 Subpart G POA

EASA Part-147 MTO Approval

Bermuda Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval

Bermuda CAMO Approval Certificate

Turkish Maintenance Organisation Approval

Bailiwick of Guernsey Maintenance Organisation Validation

Azerbaijan Design Organisation Approval

ASA-100 Certificate

Full Workshop Capability List

Ukranian Maintenance Organisation Approval

ISO 14001:2015

EN 9100:2018

EN 9110:2018

United Kingdom Maintenance Organisation Certificate

Cayman Maintenance Organization Approval

Kyrgyz CAA Approval

Direct Maintenance (under brand name Magnetic Line)

EASA Part 145 MOA

FAA Repair Station (USA), number Q9DY421Y

CAAS Maintenance Organisation Approval No AWI_391

CAASL Approval

CAA-UK Approval Certificate UK.145.01545 Issue 07 Rev 00 13JUL22

CARC.F.AMO.101 Approval

DM (816-18) - TCCA supplement approval letter valid until 24NOV24

DMX AMO 2022 Approval

EASA Part-145 approval

FAA Part 145 Approval

GCAA AWF-AMO-007B- Rev 03 UAE.145.1065 issued at 16Sep22

QCAA Approval

KCASR Part-145 Certificate No. DGCA-AMO-128 AMS valid 31AUG24 Cert + App Schedule

AW-22-7616 AMO-441FA GACA RS Cert. (Complete)- signed by Jacco