Magnetic Creative


Magnetic Design and Manufacturing is one company, split into two highly specialised departments which operate independently.


Company story


The company has a long heritage in the aviation industry. It first started in 1962 as Aviation Furnishings International. In 1997 Mitchell Aviation acquired the company, and merged it with Atlantic Equipment and Banham Hart. In 1998, the Brown Family acquired the company and rebranded it as MacCarthy Interiors. In 2013, Berwick Industries Ltd purchased the company and changed the name to MAC Aero Interiors. Magnetic MRO acquired MAC Aero Interiors in 2016. In 2020 the production site was moved to Tallinn, Estonia. In 2021, the organisation was rebranded as Magnetic Creative sector – part of Magnetic Group.




Offer innovative commercial aviation solutions.



Single unique fact


The company produced the first-ever bar area onboard an aircraft for their client Virgin Atlantic.

Magnetic Design focuses on the concepts and designs of aircraft equipment. The department offers innovative products, bespoke solutions, and simple improvements to existing components.


Depending on the project and client, these will then be manufactured by Magnetic Manufacturing or by external partners and providers.

Main Services:

  • Design engineering
  • Installation of closets, cupboards, lavatories, class dividers and other manufactured products
  • Refurbishment of aircraft interior
  • Cabin modifications
  • VIP interiors

Magnetic Manufacturing focuses on the production of aircraft interior and exterior parts such as cockpit windows or wheel covers. What they manufacture can be based on designs provided by clients or ones created by Magnetic Design. In some cases, Magnetic Manufacturing will oversee the project but will outsource the production to specialist suppliers.


Magnetic Manufacturing products portfolio consists of a wide range of products, including class dividers, lavatories, galleys, bulkheads, stowage, baby cradles, VIP interiors and more.

Main Services:

  • Production of plastic non-structural parts
  • Production of metal structural parts
  • Production of composite parts
  • Production of fabric items


One of a close family member was a pilot; he was so excited every time he was speaking about aviation. This was motivation to set my sight to have a career in aviation - that excitement was contagious, and I wanted to have a career l'd feel the same as he did. And you know what - I do!

Marko Männiste

Head of quality at Magnetic Group