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Interested in aviation? Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, with a truly global organisation?

Magnetic Group, and especially Magnetic MRO, is just what you’re looking for. Explore our constantly updated Internship and Apprenticeship programs now.

Learn. Practice. Improve. Educate. Share.

Our programs

Here at Magnetic Group, we take developing our people and growing our talent very seriously. That’s why we’re constantly ensuring we offer opportunities for students to help them gain real-life, hands-on experience and get their careers started.


Joining Magnetic Group as an intern/apprentice requires effort. However, the reward and the experience are definitely worth it. You will have an opportunity to gain experience in various MRO fields, working with true industry leaders.


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In Magnetic Group teamwork is the key, and I have the friendliest, most responsive co-workers who make even the most challenging task seem easy.

Carlos Andre

Sheet metal worker

The best part of being an apprentice mechanic is the opportunity to do hands-on work from day one. It is challenging not to feel confident when you are on the edge of the Airbus A321 wing, sitting on top of the pylon of a CFM56-5B while changing some parts. In a short time, the same engine and aircraft are flying 10 kilometres above through the sky.

Liis Kuusik

Mechanic apprentice

I've always been fascinated by aircraft and the technology around them. Magnetic provides the perfect opportunity to fulfil my passion for aviation. Since joining the team, I've met incredible people, encountered mind-blowing opportunities, and each day at work feels like a dream.

Kirill Pavlov

Sheet Metal Apprentice