Our culture


For every project we start, we aim to achieve significant extra value for their stakeholders. All while creating a process that’s simple and enjoyable. We don’t want to fade into the background or be like anyone else in the industry – at Magnetic Group, we do things our way. At Magnetic Group, we have a culture that each our employees contribute to, build and carry with them. We’ve allowed the culture to grow organically.

We are as innovative, creative, open-speech-orientated, and democratic as possible. At Magnetic Group, there is one aspect of who are that we’re most proud of however. Our culture of discipline, combined with the ethics of entrepreneurship.

We also respect, understand, and adapt to any foreign culture and its beliefs by honouring differences and turning them into a tool for our success. This unique blend of ideals and virtues is what we believe sets us apart.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."
- Peter Drucker

Whom we seek

We look for professionals from all countries, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds to join the Magnetic Group team. We look for people that feature a wide range of attributes.

  • 1


    A true ambassador of the Magnetic Group values.

  • 2


    Professional in everything they do, an understanding of what that truly means.

  • 3


    Stress-resistant, aviation is a 24/7 industry with numerous complex situations that must be dealt with promptly.

  • 4


    A vagabond at heart, having explored the globe, and with an urge to see even more.

  • 5


    Culturally savvy, thriving in culturally diverse work place.

  • 6


    A great friend. Fun, joyful, reliable, open-minded, and a pleasure to be around.