Magnetic Assets


The main players of our Assets department are Magnetic Leasing that provides aircraft, engines and landing gears leasing, EngineStands24 that provides an easy solution to book or reserve engine transport stands online such as Magnetic Trading that supports its customers in more than 80 countries worldwide with comprehensive spare parts and components solutions.


Company story


Magnetic MRO founded Magnetic Leasing in 2017 as a joint venture with Crestline Investors, a US-based institutional alternative asset manager. EngineStands24 was founded in 2016 – it will be revised as Magnetic Stands according to Group IPO schedule to fall in line with the new Magnetic Group structure. More recently, Magnetic Trading was created and will support its customers with comprehensive spare parts and components solutions.




Revolutionise the industry by offering aircrafts and customers ingenious and innovative leasing or renting solutions.

Magnetic Leasing is a well-established international aviation leasing and trading business with a successful track record built on the vast experience of its management team.


The company focuses on mid to end-of-life A320 & B738 families of aircraft, providing airlines, maintenance organisations and other market companies with reliable & cost-efficient leasing solutions.


Main Services:

  • Short & long term leasing of aircraft, engines & landing gears
  • Bespoke end-of-life asset management solutions
  • Aircraft preservation, restoration, transition & remarketing
  • Asset pre-purchase inspections

EngineStands24 is a global online one-stop platform providing 24/7 solutions for the lease, purchase, transportation, and storage of ground support equipment for engine maintenance.


Many aviation companies overlook the importance of engine stands and aren’t equipped when they need one. Having a large variety of engine stands available enables us to offer easy and fast solutions for airlines, MROs, engine shops, leasing companies and freight forwarders, making EngineStands24 a trusted and reliable partner.


Main Services:

  • Short-term lease of a wide variety of certified engine stands
  • Long term lease
  • Outright purchase
  • Maintenance and consulting services for aviation asset management
  • Exclusive Service Level Agreement for airlines and asset owners

Magnetic Trading supports its customers in more than 80 countries globally with comprehensive spare parts and components solutions.


With strategically located warehouses, extensive list of suppliers and profound experience, the team can offer solutions, tailored spare parts and components programs to fit the individual needs of airlines and asset owners.

Main Services:

  • Spare parts, components and materials supply
  • Power-By-the-Hour (PBH) & Power-By-the-Cycle (PBC) programs
  • Repair management programs
  • Total Asset Management program
  • Engine spare parts solutions
  • Spare parts and consumables consignment and management
  • Logistics and distribution


All our asset sector sub-units are determined to enrich the dynamic asset sector with ingenuity. We have a unique position to do so, as our other sectors, such as design, manufacturing, engineering – all compliment each other and benefit our customers!

Risto Mäeots

CEO at Magnetic Group and Chief of Magnetic Assets