Our people


“Look, up there!” Was, is, and always will be a statement we live by. It will come as no surprise, but we’re obsessed with the aviation industry. We like to think our heads are in the clouds in the best way.

And we love it when we’re responsible for what we see.

We are passionate.
We are driven.
We are Magnetic.

We are open

At Magnetic Group, we believe we must communicate clearly and openly with everyone we have relationships with. Every employee is responsible for following internal communication rules so we can have open and consistent conversations.


All our employees recognise the achievements of those they engage with and respect their professional and personal reputation.

We value

Sure, we’re passionate – but there’s more to us than that.

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    We know working together is the best way to achieve great outcomes for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

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    We believe long-term partnerships are the basis of sustainable business growth.

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    We are open and honest in everything we do.

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    We value creative problem-solving and recognise its potential.

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    We believe continuous progress is what drives success.


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Magnetic Group offers you an opportunity to get your voice heard and make a difference in aviation. The mixture of cultures and relationships that one encounters throughout the Magnetic journey makes it much more meaningful. It’s one huge global family with big visions that support you to strive and achieve!

Christian Meija

Business development manager

There's no other word to describe all Magnetic Group but FAMILY. You always have people surrounding you who've got your back in every case and every day. Super friendly environment, lot's of daily and strategical challenges which lead you to professional success. Ups, I just lied in the first sentence, that there's no other word to describe Magnetic group, there is, we are extremely COOL.

Edvinas Dubauskas

Business development director

Magnetic MRO is at the sweet spot of the aviation market, on one hand Magnetic Group is large enough to cover full scope aircraft technical care, and on the other, the company is still growing, very dynamic, and full of career opportunities and great soil for personal growth.

Matiss Baumanis

Maintenance mentor

Ever since I was a kid, I have dreamed of flying. As most boys do, it usually starts with folding paper planes, testing kites, jumping from trees, you name it. And yet, my desire didn’t stop there. After working for many years in various industries, I managed to step into aviation. Not as a pilot but as a salesman, which still counts. I am beyond grateful as I get to do what I love with such bright and inspirational people every day. And I am, in fact, up in the air a lot — just this year, I had 45 flights while doing my job!

Dainius Marciulionis

Sales Manager at EngineStands24

I've been working at Magnetic Group for almost two years so far and I’m still learning something new every day. I work as a Customer Support and Sales Assistant to make our customers feel at home. Getting to meet so many spectacular people from all over the world is so much fun, and it's never a boring day at work. Moreover, all the people in the company are super friendly and team-oriented.

Getter Kägu

Sales & Marketing Coordinator