Faces of Magnetic: Annely Gede

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Annely Gede, Payroll and HR Project Lead at Magnetic MRO, is the person taking care of most of the Magnetic employees around the world as the payroll is the main work on her agenda – but she's up for this challenge!

Get to know Annely better: from her way to Magnetic to her work routines, Annely answers all questions in our Faces of Magnetic feature!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Annely, glad to have you featured as Face of Magnetic! How long have you been working in the aviation industry, and how have you ended up working at Magnetic MRO? Did you anything about the company before you started?

Annely Gede: For now, I have been with Magnetic family for over 4 years already, it really has been an exciting journey for me.

I started working at Magnetic MRO in February 2016 when my friend (who was working back then in the Marketing team) suggested to me to apply for the trainee position in the Finance department. Before this, I knew a few things about the company as my friend would talk about it, but can't say I knew much!

After working as a trainee in Finance department, for a short period of time I've joined Line Maintenance administrative team where I was helping to organize and archive documents – I still can feel all the papercuts in my hands!

Then in the same year in the summer, when I finished Tallinn School of Economics, I received a job offer from Magnetic MRO to be part of the Finance team – and this was one of my greatest days! When I was an intern, I was dreaming of being part of the team yet I never thought that this would happen - but here I am today, responsible for all the employee's salaries, and loving it! It has been educational, fun and a very difficult ride for me, but all the hard work and late-night hours are worth it.

AV: Indeed, it sounds like some ride to the place you're now at. Tell us more what are your main responsibilities at the company? How has your work changed this year because of the pandemic? What were its main challenges, and how did you cope with them?

AG: Surely, one of the most important and biggest responsibilities for me is to calculate and pay salaries, but besides that, I have more responsibilities. For example, I am also responsible for HR projects, and over the past year we have made great strides in HR - our goal is to make it more innovative and automated; thus number one big project at the moment is new Payroll platform development that it will meet our needs and will make Employee's life easier as well.

In terms of the changes in work because of the pandemic, I could say that my work didn't change drastically. Of course, it was a tough time because of all the changes and we had to adapt with our new reality - and there was one too many excels at dealing with - but the salaries still needed to be paid!

AV: As you're preparing all payrolls and take care of payments, it does, for sure, require a lot of work and dedication. How you are managing all this by yourself – more than 400 people, different countries etc. How you do that so well?

AG: Well, for one thing, I have a fantastic team! I am a part of HR and Finance team – and they all are supporting me whenever it's needed.  I could not do it without them, that's for sure. I am a firm believer it is really important to have a great team and manager besides you - and luckily I have it.

The second thing for me is music: in payroll period I have to listen to music 24/7 as it helps me to concentrate and forget other thoughts. It can be Rock, House, Mediation music anything... Maybe except Hard Rock style would be too much for me to focus. But that's how salaries are done - with good music and supportive team!

 AV: I agree – a good team and a proper setting for work can do wonders! What about your best memories from your team being part of team Magnetic? Can you share some?

AG: When working in Magnetic MRO, every day, you will have a different and challenging situation, and every one of them creates new and memorable moments. So it is hard to bring only one memory out. One thing for sure, though - working in this team and in this company is one of the best experience one can ever have!

 AV: You've mentioned music as a tool to help you to concentrate while at work. What about the ways you relax after a challenging day at work?  

AG: I don't have any exceptional hobbies, but for relaxing I like to walk in the evenings to clear my thoughts – I think this is the best way to relax and get ready to start the new day fresh!