Magnetic Maintenance


Our maintenance department consists of 3 separate entities. Direct Maintenance (Magnetic Line) provides aircraft line maintenance, Magnetic MRO offers digitalised MRO services, like heavy (base) maintenance for Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 family aircraft, and Magnetic Engines focuses on aircraft engine maintenance from repair to management. It is our oldest and well-established reputation sector.


Company story


Magnetic MRO was created in 1995 as a maintenance department of Estonian Air. Fast forward a couple of decades – since 2018, Magnetic MRO has been part of the Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology group.


Magnetic Engines, originally part of Magnetic MRO, was established as a separate brand in January 2021 as the direct result of Magnetic Group’s growth and its desire to underline the variety of services it provides.


Direct Maintenance, rebranded into Magnetic Line in year 2023, was established in January 2001 and joined the Magnetic Group in 2019.




Elevate aviation standards by offering tailored and innovative solutions to fit the needs of our customers and attract the best talent.

Magnetic MRO is a full-service aviation maintenance company with a global presence and two decades of worldwide experience.


Its modern “Total Technical Care” approach means the company can care for various aircraft models and their components, such as jet engines and landing gear. It is providing heavy (base) maintenance for Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 family aircraft in our Tallinn hangars and has Workshop unit which focuses on wheels, breaks, escape slides, batteries and some other auxiliary equipment maintenance


We’re headquartered in Estonia, and have multiple locations across the world.

Main Services:

  • Scheduled routine base maintenance and overhaul of commercial aircraft
  • Engineering services, including aircraft delivery/redelivery support, maintenance programs, etc.
  • Aircraft condition evaluations and Consulting on technical characteristics of target assets
  • Major & minor aircraft modifications – structural, systems and avionics, aircraft repositioning, refurbishment and conversion of aircraft interiors
  • Major structural & composite repair
  • Specialised services – NDT, heat-treatment, cadmium plating, anodizing, machining

Magnetic Engines is an aviation service company that focuses on aircraft engine maintenance.


The company offers engine repairs, professional technical consultancy, and meticulous inspections. In 2020 our capability and capacity were sizeably extended with additional tooling, new space and more people.

Main Services:

  • Engine line maintenance (on-site/off-site) repairs
  • Inspections for CFM56 family engines
  • Technical consultancy
  • Part inspection and certificates
  • BSI and Boro-blend
  • Preservation and storage
  • End of lease

Magnetic Line is a certified line maintenance service provider. Today, new and seasonal markets demand an instant response. That’s why the company offers tailor-made and dedicated line maintenance services.


The result of our customer focus is a client list that includes well-respected airlines, many of which are national flag carriers.

Main Services:

  • Aircraft turnaround services
  • Transit, daily and weekly checks
  • Troubleshooting and defect rectification
  • Aircraft cabin and passenger seat maintenance
  • Engine ground runs
  • 70 different aircraft and engine combinations covered


At Magnetic Maintenance, we are passionate and determined to keep our customer's aircraft operating continuously and safely. Whilst we strive to push the boundaries of operational efficiency, we never compromise on safety, quality, and customer experience!

Jan Kotka

COO at Magnetic Group and Chief of Magnetic Maintenance