Faces of Magnetic: Dainius Marciulionis

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Dainius Marciulionis, Sales Manager at EngineStands24, is one of the people who like a bit of speed – whether that‘s on the motocross track or at work! This time though he gets an adrenaline rush from being featured as Face of Magnetic – get to know him better as he shares a few insights about his experience working with us.

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Dainius, glad to feature you as Face of Magnetic. Let‘s start the interview with your story: what was the path that led you to the aviation industry? How did you end up working at Enginestands24?  Dainius Marciulionis: I have spent almost 20 years in sales – most of that time I worked in a car rental and lease company and a bit with sales of commercial vehicles, and also in the logistics industry. And for quite some time I have been working alongside Daiva Zemaite, Head of Enginestands24 – she knows me quite well as it is the third time I have joined her team! This is how I stepped into aviation. AV: And in your line of work, what are your key responsibilities?  DM: I am working with the engine stands lease - preparing offers, communicating with clients, searching for new prospects, possibilities, markets. Also, new products and services development for the market falls under my responsibilities – and I enjoy thinking about what could be yet the next step for us to enhance customers satisfaction even further. AV: What do you find to be the most challenging in your daily work? How do you tackle these challenges?  DM: The current situation is what’s the most challenging for me: I miss normal communication, normal conversations with clients. Emailing is great, but it can’t transmit everything. However, as we have to adapt, now it’s the phone that helps to build the bridges – but I can’t wait to meet with people again and that proper face-to-face communication which brings much more than just sales and services: it brings connections, and some of the lasts for years. AV: Indeed, the lack of in-person communication is taking its toll on many! But it also sparked some changes.  What strategies have you implemented to cope with these pandemic-induced changes, both in terms of how the team works and services, clients-relations?  DM:  We strengthened CRM implementation to allow us to gain an even more in-depth understanding of the engine stands market, trends, dynamics in this uncertain situation. We chose this path of improvements for the team as it does also allow us to develop products and services that are corresponding to the needs of our customers in the best possible way. AV: What are the most exciting things in your line of work? What do you enjoy the most?  DM: Teamwork! It is always the most exciting thing for me and I enjoy it a lot. Having a good team around you allows to enjoy your work, provide better service and create more value to customers. And I am happy to work with one of the best teams ever – I think also the way this team helped me to get used to new work is one of the memories I have as they were patient, attentive and always ready to be by my side. AV: Do you have some lessons you have learnt at work you’d like to share? DM: For me, the most important lesson is to do as you say to the client. It’s a full-on trust that helps to excel in our line of work and a full-on trust that allows us to maintain the partnerships. AV: And besides your work, what are the hobbies that make you happy? DM: I like an active lifestyle – and what I do largely depends on the season. When it’s warm, I enjoy running and mountain biking, in winter – skiing and going to the gym. I am also a bit of a motorhead who likes motocross quite a lot – I compete Lithuanian Motocross championship and also take part in other races. I guess a little bit of speed is what gets my adrenaline rushing – and I think I also like the speed at work, too!