Meet our Customers: Thomas Schmid from Austrian Airlines

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With over 15 years of experience representing Austrian Airlines at Magnetic MRO, Thomas Schmid will share insights into the unique bond between the two companies. Additionally, we will learn about must-visit destinations in Estonia and Austria. Discover Thomas’ experience at Magnetic Group with us.

How would you describe the cooperation between Austrian Airlines and Magnetic MRO?

The long-term cooperation between Magnetic and Austrian is very special and has grown over the years. It’s almost friendly and familiar, from my point of view. I think the cooperation fulfils the original purpose for both parties and will continue, from my perspective, for a few more years. 

How long have you been representing Austrian Airlines at Magnetic? Why still Magnetic MRO? What is that magical bond between the two companies about?

Including a few short breaks, I’d say it’s been more than fifteen years. I think the Magnetic team’s continuous good and friendly cooperation, professionalism and extensive experience make it so appealing.

Some time ago, Magnetic MRO completed the 777th check that happened to be Austrian Airlines’ aircraft  – could you please give a short overview of this? What’s special about this project?

Well, the 777th check itself is like any other, but I’m pleased that an aircraft from AUA ensures a lucky number. Based on my documents, I am particularly delighted that we will soon complete the 100th AUA check at Magnetic.

Will the next celebration be the 1000th check? 

I am convinced that Magnetic will far exceed the 1000th check, whether it will be an AUA aircraft again remains to be seen, but the probability is definitely there.

As you’ve been coming here for so many years, you’re almost like a local. What would be the one place you recommend visiting in Estonia and Austria?

The sight of the old town in winter dress, especially the flair on the main square with the Christmas market and tree, surrounded by the old historic buildings, is always an extraordinary experience. I also enjoy the view of the sea whenever I get a chance. A place or city in Austria that you must visit is undoubtedly the city of Salzburg, either in winter or summer during the festival season.