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Always smiling – that's the first thing that comes to most of Magnetic people's minds when we think about Ausra Balciuniene, Sales Coordinator at EngineStands24. No wonder why we are featuring her as Face of Magnetic – her contagious smile and uplifting attitude makes her truly MAGNETIC!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Ausra, it's good to see you smiling! Let's kick off with a brief history of how you came to work at Magnetic MRO! How long have you been the part of Magnetic family and what were you doing before joining? What was the path that led you to the aviation industry? Ausra Balciuniene: I am actually considering myself a fresher in the aviation industry – next to some experienced wolfs of the business, my two years in the company sounds like very little (laughs). Before Magnetic, for over 10 years I worked at the global car rental company, where I met my then-and-now boss Daiva. We bonded instantly, so I am happy to have worked – and be working now – in the team with her. And so two years ago, when I received the offer to join ES24 team, it felt like a dream came true. And I am still living that dream now! Trust me when I say that dreams come true – just need to wish strongly…and loudly! AV: It's very positive – and very like you – to see work at Magnetic as living a dream. Surely, there are challenges, though as aviation is a very dynamic industry! What are you consider the main challenge here? And did these challenges have changed and shifted in these few years you worked at Magnetic? AB: I think positive thinking is the key! And with this attitude, I perceive all challenges and changes as something positive! Sure, first few days in Magnetic was like being in the outer space for me, but when you have a go-getter attitude and amazing team around you, navigating in this Cosmos becomes so much easier.  As of now, I am confident in what our team and I are doing, but if I really have to stress the most challenging bit of my daily work, it's taking care of our biggest treasures – engine stands! When these are returned after loans, we have to check those with great care, and sometimes it's hard to do when you're far away. But that's where the team of professional partners steps in! AV: Team and partners you can trust are for sure very important in this – and any other – industry. But it also requires a lot of personal effort. How do you fight the stress that comes with it and maintain the balance in your work and personal lives?  AB: I dance! Also, I find Voodoo dolls to be very helpful… Joking, of course! To be honest, I am a calm and patient person, so it's not often I stress out a lot. I have a great team behind me, which gives me confidence, so it's not hard for me to maintain the balance! AV: You're part of EngineStands24 – fairly "fresh" unit within Magnetic which faced impressive growth in the past few years. How did you and your team achieve such growth? What are the plans for the future for EngineStands24? AB: For the growth, I'd give most of the credits to Daiva and Laura – I see myself more like a pumpkin who helped to keep track of all tasks at hand while they were travelling and gave the best support to both Customers and teammates I could. But I feel valuable to the team – they are also very keen on expressing that! As for the future plans, we are looking forward to the tough upcoming year! New engine stand types, including those for wide-bodies, new hubs and new locations, new partners and even newcomers to ES24 – we have a very interesting year ahead!  AV: Sound's exciting! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for ES24! But from looking to the future, let's look back to the past – what comes to your mind when you think about the most memorable moment? AB: First thing that comes to my mind is my first visit to the Magnetic MRO hangars in Tallinn. It was something unbelievable to me to stand nearby aircraft, touch it and see all the maintenance from this close. But I have to say that my all first times working here were memorable – from working alone for the first time, first positive feedback from the Customer, first business trip and the first (and the following, of course) Kick-Off party! I think I made a lot of great memories here – and excited about making more in the future! AV: It does feel like you are enjoying your time at Magnetic! What about your life outside – do you have any hobbies and interests that also generate great memories? AB: I do! My passion is dancing – I am addicted to ZUMBA! This relationship with dance started just one month before joining Magnetic, so they both sort of went hand in hand, and now I can't imagine my life without either. Just don't ask which one I'd love more – it would be too hard to choose!