Faces of Magnetic: Valeria Matsel

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What is it like to work in the aviation industry? According to our newest Finance team member Valeria Matsel, it is a continuous challenge. However, that is what attracts her as she's driven by new and interesting experiences! Check out Valeria's insights on working here with us, as well as on her jaw-dropping hobbies!

Valeria, glad to have you featured as Face of Magnetic! Tell us about your path that led you to aviation: why did you choose this industry? How did your career start? Valeria Matsel: I used to see the main Magnetic MRO building from my previous workplace! And I have to say, seeing planes every day was so unusual to me – but nevertheless, when I saw an open position at Magnetic MRO after some time, I didn't hesitate to send my CV and shortly after this adventure has started! Why did you decide to join the Magnetic MRO? I formed a positive impression about the company and the people who work there during the job interviews - thus, it was a no-brainer to accept the offer. What were your first impressions since you have started working here? Challenge - I immediately noticed that working at Magnetic MRO is a continuous challenge. Because every day you encounter something new: new tasks, new problems and of course new solutions. Also, one of my first impressions was that at Magnetic - people are just amazing! What do you enjoy the most in your line of work? What do you find to be the most challenging? My job is never dull as there are different departments, and each holds various tasks. Also, at Magnetic, there are plenty of excellent opportunities to communicate with colleagues and cooperate during the working process. Of course, many things are still new for me, but that attracts me: it keeps me motivated. Moving aside from work, tell us about your hobbies: what do you like to do in your free time? What's your passion? I am an athlete, so obviously, I love sports. I am in shooting sports for more than 14 years, and it was nothing but a fantastic experience. I participated in different international competitions such as World Championships, European Championships, etc. Thanks to my hobby I have had the opportunity to travel a lot, so far, I have visited Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Korea and many other countries. Also, since last year I started practicing yoga, and I found out that it is far from what I imagined: definitely not dull and easy. Moreover, I love reading books, riding a bicycle, going for a long walk, going to the gym, and studying. In fact, I recently graduated from Tallinn School of Economics. Currently, I am studying Marketing, and I have some plans for the future as well.