Meet the Team: Egle Zitkeviciene

Magnetic Talents

Moving from cars to aircraft, for Egle Zitkeviciene, it didn’t take long to get hooked on the appeal of aviation. She’s recently joined Magnetic Training as a Sales Manager and has lofty and global goals from the very get-go. 

Could you elaborate on your experience before joining Magnetic Training and how it will help in your current role?

I've always been mesmerized by technology, its speed and its beauty. So, Italian cars win over many hearts with their beauty, emotion and smooth driving experience. I didn't even notice how I became their biggest fan and wholeheartedly joined the ranks of their enthusiasts. 

That's why I became an Italian car salesman. Over the years, together with a team, we heavily increased the Italian cars fleet on the market. I was helping our corporate customers to fill their business needs and contended to see the number of Italian cars selected by leading courier and delivery companies. 

Throughout my journey as a car salesman, I learned that knowing and pursuing your dream and goal is paramount. Also, if one likes and is passionate about selling the product, all roads are open. For me, the sales process always focuses on experiencing mutual benefits — satisfying the customer's needs and fulfilling the seller's duties. So, naturally, I learned to hear, listen, and find and offer a solution that meets the client's needs. I believe these skills will help me in Magnetic training sales.

What has been your impression so far? 

To be frank, this is the best, safest and most exciting flight so far! During the first two weeks, I got to know colleagues in the Vilnius office, visited colleagues in Tallinn, saw impressive hangars, or comfortable training facilities and met colleagues from Ukraine, Estonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria!

A smooth and clear introduction plan also gave me a sense of security and structure. While preparing for the first day of work, I already knew what day I would do, what I would learn and who would be responsible for my first steps. It smoothly opened the doors for me as a newbie in aviation.

What are your priorities for this year? 

In a nutshell, it's providing effective and proactive sales of training services all over the world with a target to increase sales by at least 40%.

Besides work, what are your hobbies?

I can't stay still, so I enjoy traveling whenever I get the chance. I adore motorcycle trips and walks with the dog. And in the fall, I'll be waiting for everyone in the raspberry garden!

And a bonus question – what do you like the most about aviation?

When I was little, I always dreamed of seeing the earth from a bird's eye view. Today, being part of the Magnetic Group, I can fulfil this and help others do the same. While waiting for the flight, you feel that a new adventure awaits you somewhere, so traveling by plane puts a person in a hopeful, romantic mood. Therefore, I am happy and hope my work will help and contribute to others fulfilling their dreams.