Anniversary interview with Sabina Jucienė

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Sabina Juciene, Head of Legal Unit, is a real superwoman: with strong leadership skills and positive approach, she rocks her work daily – no legal tasks are too challenging to her as she is always set for the win. And Sabina had her eyes on a prize ever since she became part of Magnetic family five years ago already.

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Sabina, first of all – congratulations! Five years is quite a milestone! How did you start your career journey at Magnetic MRO?  Sabina Juciene: Thanks! Yes, it has been five years already – time flies! Though I have been working within aviation for twice as long. And since I was already in this sector, when had a chance, I joined Magnetic team as Head of Legal as I believed in the company’s vision and its management. AV: You're quite a power-woman – can you tell what tasks and responsibilities stand behind your professional title? SJ: As a Head of Legal Unit, I supervise activities of the lawyers, distribute tasks, share my knowledge. I am also responsible for creating and improving processes, policies and procedures, generating agreement templates, providing training. However, this is a very small part of my job, as I am mainly occupied with Asset (aircraft, Engines, LGs, APUs) transactions (purchase, sale, lease) from the very beginning to closing; I work on drafting and reviewing strategic agreements with strategic customers and also manage major legal disputes. AV: Sounds like you have quite some work on your plate. How do you evaluate it? And how would you describe those five years spent at the company?  SJ: I think being happy at work is what matters the most – and although often busy, I am happy here – so I can only value it very highly! Also, for me, each successful project is a win, and I like winning :) And since Magnetic MRO is constantly involved in such projects, I feel I am in the right place for all those five years. AV: Would you say that working at Magnetic has changed your life? And if it did, why? SJ: Professional growth is very important to me, and each new product, project or even new customer of Magnetic MRO does not allow to vegetate and make me improve my knowledge, look for creative solutions and overcome challenges. I am also happy that I managed to find a good balance between work and personal life and that management and colleagues respect that – so yes, it has changed my life to better because I have improved both personally and professionally!  AV: Would you then recommend working at Magnetic to those interested in pursuing a career within the aviation industry? SJ: For those who are not afraid of responsibility, multitasking, firefighting and dealing with a lot of zeros – sure! AV: You've also mentioned you have balanced your work and personal life well – tell us more on what you enjoy doing in your free time? SJ: I like to involve myself in creative activities, like ceramics or sewing, where I can reveal my creative nature (of course, drafting contracts requires a lot of creativity too!)