Anniversary Interview with Valentin Ivanov

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Welcome to our Anniversary Interview with Valentin Ivanov. He is one of our Senior Airworthiness Engineers and has recently completed his 6th year at Magnetic MRO.

On behalf of celebrating his past years amongst us, Nilay Rammul (our Marketing Communications Specialist) asked a few moments of Valentin's to share his experiences with us.
Nilay Rammul: Hi Valentin! Can you tell us for how many years have you been working at Magnetic MRO (including AME years - before rebranding)? Valentin Ivanov: Actually, in total it will be a bit more than 6 years along with the internship period. NR: How did you get involved in aviation? VI: After graduating from high school I was looking for a university program, which would not be too conventional, but at the same time would be challenging and inspirational. A good friend of mine gave me this idea of a possibility to study aviation in Tartu (at that time, it was called Aviation College), so I decided to give it a try and participate in the admission exams for Estonian Aviation Academy. I also got intrigued by the fact that initial academic training of engineering studies was provided by Tartu University, which is a very established and credible institution.  It is also important to mention that by then, I was very eager to try living independently in another city or even a county, so Tartu seemed as the perfect choice, being not far from home, but still almost 200 km away. It can be said that my involvement into aviation was rather accidental. NR: Well, we sure are glad you got involved somehow! Can you please name the departments you've worked under so far at Magnetic MRO? VI: I worked half a year at Air Maintenance Estonia (AME) as a trainee doing part of my compulsory internship while I was a 4th-year student at the Estonian Aviation Academy. Then I worked one year as an apprentice and basic mechanic in the Base Maintenance unit before finally joining the Engineering Department, where I’ve worked for almost 5 years by now. NR: Sounds quite a journey! What are you doing exactly in the Engineering Department nowadays? VI: Currently, I am holding a position of Senior Airworthiness Engineer in the Engineering Department. Together with my colleagues, I am involved into various aircraft transition projects, helping our customers during delivery/redelivery projects. Let me explain it in more details! Airplanes are generally owned by leasing companies, not operators. So, when one operator’s leasing period ends, a complex process starts in order to transit the aircraft smoothly to the next operator; which requires a proper management with particular attention on many comprehensive aspects. This is precisely the moment our team comes in and takes action to help our partners and customers (both leasing companies and operators) by providing in-depth technical expertise in relation to aircraft regulatory and airworthiness aspects.  Such projects do demand a certain degree of flexibility, as they require a necessity for frequent travelling. Beside all these, our team also provides constant airworthiness control and oversight for a number of customers. This includes monitoring the continuing airworthiness of aircraft, including aircraft maintenance status planning and control. Apart from the above mentioned activities, I also have a specific role in our department. I have been given the task to provide technical support and consultancy on airworthiness related aspects in order to support Magnetic MRO’s internal asset management projects regarding aircraft transitions, pre-purchase inspections of aircraft and its historical records as well as major value components sale activities. I must say all the tasks I am involved in are really exciting and educating, but this last one is especially challenging and demanding. NR: Wow! Now I want to work in Engineering Department! You must have collected so many great memories with such agenda in years. Can you remember your best memory at Magnetic MRO? Do you mind sharing it with us? VI: Best memories always tend to be the most recent ones. However, there are several memories that could be considered as the highlights of my time at Magnetic MRO. These are all related to the complicated and challenging projects which Engineering Department was involved with over the last couple of years. I would name Finnair Embraer E170s redelivery project, MSN 1183 acceptance and delivery to SmartLynx, and of course the so called “VEB” Project, where our team was involved in physical and documentation inspection of four ex-Transaero B737-800 airframes. All mentioned projects demanded a lot of effort from our team; and looking back now, I am proud to say that we were able to cope with the pressure and successfully fulfill the tasks. NR: How would you define all these years spent in Magnetic MRO? VI: Definitely challenging and entertaining. Fast-moving and never easy, but always interesting. NR: Would you say working at Magnetic MRO has changed your life in a better way? Why? VI: Working at Magnetic MRO has given me the understanding that aviation environment demands you to always stay focused and hungry for learning more. Years in Magnetic MRO have become a time of constant self-improvement on many levels: technical knowledge, teamwork and cooperation, socio-cultural skills, and many other aspects, which did not seem highly relevant at first. But eventually I have felt that the company has fully invested in me, not only based on the specific field I’m working in. Working at Magnetic MRO does provide a possibility to put personal enthusiasm and motivation into reaching a common goal, and this is what I consider the most important advantage. NR: Would you recommend working at Magnetic MRO? VI: Yes, of course. We have a great team here at MMRO and this is a good place for self-realization and accomplishment of challenging goals. NR: Thank you very much, Valentin! Do you have any near future travel plans for aircraft inspection? VI: Most definitely, but after coming back home from two prolonged projects in U.S. and Canada, I would use my opportunity to reside in the home Tallinn office for a little while. NR: Fair enough! On behalf of Magnetic MRO I am confident to say that we are happy to have you on board. We wish you best of luck and have a successful life ahead.