3 Questions With Martynas Staknys

Magnetic Group

Fast, responsive and result orientated – that’s just a few of qualities of the sales manager in aviation spare parts trading. And trust us – Martynas Staknys, our Senior Sales Manager, has them all! How’s he coping with fast-paced work and tackles everyday challenges and what are the most sought after spare parts – find out in his answers to our 3 questions for the expert!

1. What are the main requirements from customers in your line of work? How do you make sure MMRO and your team (you) accommodate those requirements?  I would say that customers with whom I work are searching for somebody who they trust and who is transparent with them. If something goes not according to plan, they prefer to have a real picture and not only promises. Being honest with your customer make the relationship much more valuable. That is precisely what I am doing - always being honest, no matter how good or bad the situation is. 2. What’s the most challenging part of your work? How do you approach these challenges?  The most challenging part of my work is inconsistency. You can never know what will happen tomorrow, what project or lead you will have. It is also challenging that our work is at a very fast pace; action and decision must be made immediately. I am approaching these challenges with a mindset that I can, and I will overcome them. I always react quickly, and I do try to find a solution to each situation as soon as possible, by keeping constant communication with all involved parties. Also, our team and I are result-driven and very proactive. We are always giving 100% to find the aircraft parts our clients or our stations need. If we can’t find it, most likely parts are not currently available on the market, but such a situation rarely happens. 3. What are the most sought after and most traded spare parts? Do you see the change in tendencies throughout the years?  We are focusing on the fast-moving and expensive parts. During few years that I am working at Magnetic, I would say that it feels like OEM wants to take full control on second-hand spare parts market and availability as well as access to parts is getting harder.