Embracing the Viking Spirit: Magnetic MRO Achieves the 800th C-Check Milestone with a Scandinavian Airlines System Aircraft

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a member of Magnetic Group, proudly announces the successful completion of its 800th C-check on a Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) A319 aircraft, marking a significant milestone in the company’s continuous growth and success in the aviation industry.

The achievement was completed within a remarkable timeframe of just 1.5 years since Magnetic MRO’s 700th C-check. The celebrated aircraft, an SAS A319-132, features a unique retro livery and bears the name Christian Valdemar Viking, paying homage to a Danish prince and the inspiring Viking heritage of the Scandinavians.

Sergei Shkolnik, the Base Maintenance Director at Magnetic MRO, expressed his appreciation for working with SAS over the years: “It has been a great pleasure and honour to work together with SAS all these years, starting from 2004 when the first C-check on SAS was completed. Twenty-one years from the first check till today’s anniversary have passed in an eye blink. I am sure there are two or more decades ahead of good cooperation between the two companies!”

The extensive six-year C-check process posed unexpected challenges, leading to significant findings requiring parts replacements and the acquisition of specialized tools from around the globe. Effective communication with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) played a vital role in obtaining repair approvals.