Anniversary interview with Veronika Kornilova - The Brain and Nervous System of the Aircraft

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Avionics - Brain and Nervous System of the Aircraft. Who are avionics technicians and what does it take to become one?

Veronika Kornilova is a powerful woman of our avionics team and she has successfully completed her first challenging year in Magnetic MRO. On behalf of celebrating her anniversary, Tiina Shein (our Head of Marketing) asked a few moments of Veronika to share her experience with us.

Tiina Shein: Hello Veronika! It’s so great to see girls in our Base Maintenance team and overall in our hangar! How would you define your time spent in Magnetic MRO in few words? Veronika Kornilova: Hello! One and a half year spent in MMRO has been full of small knowledge pieces, that I will use to raise new avionic specialists! :D TS: Fantastic! We are so proud that you are one of us. Can you tell us how did you get involved in aviation in the first place? VK: I remember when I was a little child then I always wondered how airplanes fly. I guess that is what influenced my further decisions. TS: So being on the playground you already knew your passion! I guess we all have wondered at some point in our lives how aircraft fly and I’m really happy that for you this wondering resulted in choosing such an interesting profession in aviation. But why Magnetic MRO? VK: Well, I am from Latvia and all my relatives live there. Working here in Estonia allows me to be in close contact with them. Not to mention that Magnetic MRO is the greatest Base Maintenance company in the Baltic States. TS: Thanks for so nice words towards Magnetic MRO. Family comes first, I totally agree with you. Back to Avionics - it is so interesting and multifunctional. Could you please give us a brief overview of your everyday tasks? VK: Some of our (avionics) tasks include: systems testing using various types of equipment, modification or repair of EWIS (electrical wiring interconnect system), troubleshooting, protection of connectors, software updating, check of the correct indication in the cockpit ECAM displays, air data testing for correct speed and altitude indication. Sometimes there may occur some problems with different systems, they are not working properly or have completely stopped answering, then we usually use wiring diagrams to find the problem and solve it. We also help mechanics with the electrical part of a system. In conclusion, everything that is somehow related to electricity is ours. I wrote just a few tasks that we are doing, but a complete list of our work is much wider. :) TS: Sounds like every day there is a lot of new challenges and adventures for you! Avionics has always interested me – all the panels and electrical systems in the cockpit - you are basically a software administrator, electrician and chemist all in one profession, huh? Do you think this is a rumour that young women in aviation are a rare thing? I mean you are doing so well. Would you recommend your speciality to other young women also? VK: In my opinion, there is a place for women in aviation, because we have some skills and thoughts that men don’t. We can help sometimes just by looking at issues from another perspective. Even though I think that the bigger part of our job should be performed by men because it can be physically and psychologically hard. I would recommend my speciality only for girls who really want to explore the «inwards» of aircraft and apply this knowledge to improve flight safety. This is a very interesting profession, but it also requires a huge responsibility. TS: Yes, being avionic is a brave thing to do but not impossible! Can you remember your best memory at Magnetic MRO? Do you mind sharing it with us? VK: When MMRO offered me to complete all necessary avionics modules and I completed all of them with one month :) TS: Completed in one month… well, that surely is an amazing moment to remember! Would you actually say working at Magnetic MRO has changed your life in any way? VK: I have learned much and got a great experience in avionics and all that has, of course, changed my life in a better way! In MMRO I see great opportunities for self-development and self-improvement ahead. TS: Couldn’t agree more! Every day is a new opportunity to develop ourselves! So let’s spread our wings and fly! Thanks for sharing your time and memories! Here’s to many more successful years to come!