Sports Ambassadors of Magnetic: Meet Maarja Soasepp

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Looking closely at Magnetic Group employees, you will find passionate people who are not only driven in their work but also on the sporting field. We are proud of our athletic people and their unique hobbies.

Introducing Maarja Soasepp, Magnetic Group Quality Inspector, as well as a sponsored disc golf player. Interestingly, both careers have something in common – controlling flying objects! Without further ado, get to know Maarja and allow her to introduce us to the sport of disc golf.

What is your background and how did your passion for aviation start?
I grew up in a small borough called Kadrina and heard about the Estonian Aviation Academy during Secondary School. Ever since I was accepted to study Air Traffic Control at the Academy in 2012, I was hooked and have not had any jobs outside of aviation since then.

As aviation is such an international field, it connects cultures from all around the world and there is a sense of community among the people who work in this industry.

Tell us about your role in Magnetic!
I work as a Quality Inspector with the Magnetic MRO, so every day brings new challenges. Aviation is heavily regulated for a reason, to maintain flight safety. Compliance monitoring ensures that all the requirements are met to the highest standard.

Our department works closely with all the business units, supporting them with knowledge about the regulations and standards. Most probably you can see our team strolling around to find ways to improve everyday procedures and minimize the chance of making errors. Every once in a while we welcome auditors from our customers who want to ensure that our company fulfills their demands. In my line of work, it is highly rewarding to receive positive feedback from our clients’ side.

Next to your job in Magnetic, you are also a sponsored Disc Golfer - tell us about the sport
Disc golf is played with rules very similar to regular ball golf. But instead of a small golf ball and golf clubs, players throw flying frisbees into metal baskets. The game is usually played on a wooded course in nature. Playing disc golf is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with additional excitement. The game can be played either alone or with a small group of friends.

I myself found the sport and started playing already 10 years ago, but decided to take the next step by participating in the bigger competitions quite recently, in 2022. The biggest achievements for me so far have been second place in the Estonian Mixed Doubles Championships with 54 competing duos and 4th place at Alutaguse Open. This was an international competition with many skilled players from European countries.

If you want to get acquainted with the sport of Disc Golf, then this is the best disc golf video out there – the official after-movie of the European Disc Golf Championships 2023, which were held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. 

How do you balance your role in aviation with your commitment to being an athlete?
I love the thrill of competing, this is why my hobbies include different sports. But in my everyday life, I am rather an introvert and enjoy routine. This balance is important to maintain high motivation in both careers – sports and aviation.

I am currently working part-time which gives me a bit more flexibility to train during the regular working hours. I have noticed that with a shorter work week, I can commit and focus better on the tasks at hand and always come to work with enthusiasm.

What advice would you give to others who may be pursuing dual careers or passions like yours?
If you don’t take the first step, you will never know where the road might lead. Sometimes we need to be a bit self-driven to find our full potential so don’t hesitate to make bold decisions!

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