Magnetic Trading Achieves ASA-100 Certificate

Magnetic Assets

Miami, Florida, 4th April 2024 - After Magnetic Group launched its new office in Miami, Florida, last month, Magnetic Trading followed by receiving an ASA-100 certificate from the Aviation Suppliers Association. By obtaining the accreditation, Magnetic Trading ensures that its aircraft parts distribution services adhere to relevant aviation industry regulations and standards based on the region in which they operate. 

“After meeting the ASA-100 standard across our other branches, such as the sales office located in Lithuania and the stock in Estonia, it was time to strengthen our presence in the USA further and open a warehouse with its dedicated stock. All in an effort to continue meeting the needed high-quality standards, provide full-scope services, and serve our local clients even more efficiently,” shared Airina Kacienaite-Krake, Head of Magnetic Trading.

Christian Mejia, Sales Director at Magnetic Trading, emphasized: “This marks a significant achievement for Magnetic Trading in the USA. Our ability to swiftly establish these procedures and processes to guarantee quality and reliability showcases our dedication to our customers. Integrating our USA entity into ASA will support our regional growth and expansion. “

Magnetic Trading, a sub-brand of Magnetic Group, has been operating in the US since 2022 and offers comprehensive component and spare parts solutions. Becoming an ASA 100 member includes an accredited stock facility and quality assurance of standards, policies, processes, and audits. This ensures that all materials purchased and deployed into the aviation market meet the highest quality standards in all phases: purchasing, receiving, stocking, sales, and shipping.