Magnetic Training Introduces EASA Part 21 Training

Magnetic Talents

Magnetic Training, a sub-brand of Magnetic Group, has announced the launch of its first EASA Part 21 training. The course is designed for both aviation industry professionals and newcomers involved in the design and production of aviation products and related components. The first training is scheduled to start in the autumn of 2024.

The addition of the EASA Part 21 training to Magnetic Training's portfolio is a timely response to the surging demand in the aviation industry. With the industry witnessing substantial growth, propelled by rapid technological advancements and a global fleet expansion, the need for specialized training and certification has become more pronounced. 

"As the industry navigates evolving regulatory landscapes and strives for higher safety measures, there is an urgent need for professionals equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in the EASA Part 21 (Annex I) regulation. This certification is crucial for organizations involved in designing and certifying aircraft and related products, ensuring that they meet the rigorous safety and performance standards set by the EASA," says Natalja Platonova, Chief of Talents sector at Magnetic Group.

The EASA Part 21 training is essential for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of the regulations governing the initial and continued airworthiness of aeronautical products, parts, and appliances. Participants will deepen their knowledge of the intricate processes and requirements of EASA Part 21 (748/2012, Annex I), enabling them to streamline compliance interpretation and ensure the highest safety and quality standards in their roles.