Addressing A320neo Challenges: EngineStands24 Introduces PW1100 Engine Stands in Asia-Pacific 

Magnetic Assets

In a strategic move to meet the local demand within the Asia-Pacific region, EngineStands24, a member of Magnetic Group, announces the launch of its latest product line – the highly anticipated PW1100 engine stands. This launch is not just an expansion but a direct response to the growing need for specialized equipment necessitated by the widespread inspections required for PW1100G-Powered A320neo family aircraft engines.

With many PW1100G engines needing varying levels of checks, EngineStands24's new offering will play a supportive role in addressing these challenges, especially considering more than half of the affected A320neo engines are stationed within the APAC region.  

Daiva Žemaitė, the Head of EngineStands24, emphasizes the significance of this expansion, "The current engine stand market state has been affected by PW1100G-powered engines requiring checks and, hence, a lot of them are or will be out of service between now and 2026. While all the needed checks will be completed, the location plays a key role. It's important to note that more than half of these A320neo engines reside in the APAC region. To adapt to the ever-increasing need for PW1100 stands, we allocated them to our recently opened hub in Singapore. Consequently, their lead times (from booking to pick up), then can be as efficient as possible. Also, based on our year-over-year comparison, the number of clients' inquiries for PW1100 types of stands has increased 9 times compared to 2022 demand." 

The EngineStands24's recently opened Singapore hub will help to serve the growing demand, providing needed support for narrow-body aircraft engines, including models such as CFM56-5A/B, CFM56-7B, V2500, and PW1100, a new addition to their portfolio.