Magnetic MRO becomes a mobile FAA station with IA capability

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO has strengthened its FAA repair station capabilities by becoming the one and only company in the entire Baltic States to have gained IA (Inspection Authorization) rights. Following upon Magnetic MRO‘s strategic expansion into the aviation asset management area and global market expansion to US and Asia, the company has confidently marched towards tactical investments to solidify their planned growth. Risto Mäeots, CEO of Magnetic MRO, describes this development as “having a mobile FAA station” as their team will be able to insure possible off-site inspections globally from now on without outsourcing the service or manpower. “Not only is this a valuable addition to our FAA service capabilities, but also a remarkable enabler for our exponentially growing asset management establishment MPTL (Magnetic Parts Trade Limited),” says Risto Mäeots, CEO of Magnetic MRO. “We always believe that well-trained professionals are the backbone of our industry and our growth strategy; evidently such addition to our capabilities will allow us to provide our customers and partnered leasing companies with utmost convenience, mainly in terms of cost-efficiency and time-saving.” As an FAA IA holder, today Magnetic MRO team is able to determine airworthiness by inspecting repairs and alterations offsite, as well as approving for return-to-service concerning any “N” registered aircraft in addition to corresponding parts and appliances according to 14 CFR part 43.