3 Questions with Edvinas Dubauskas

Magnetic Assets

With the primary focus on enhancing the Kuala Lampur office and its operations, new regional plans and activities have come along. Edvinas Dubauskas, Business Development Director at Magnetic Trading, shares his vision and steps for this year as part of our 3 Questions feature.

What are the main plans for the Kuala Lumpur office this and next year? What are some of the goals you are focusing on?

The main plan for the Kuala Lampur office remains the same one we had before the pandemic. The process involves building a local sales team and identifying new markets and their needs. And it goes in hand with increasing our customer portfolio in the SEA region so we can gain visibility and traction locally regarding comprehensive spare parts and components solutions. Like we currently have in Europe, US and UK. 

This year, we've planned to visit and catch up with our existing customers and suppliers in Kuala Lumpur to find out their actual needs. This way, we can understand which area we must improve business-wise for all parties. However, our vision is expansive, and during the next year, we will begin approaching other countries in this region, such as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, etc. 

How do you see the Asia market now? Are there signs of recovery, struggle, or uncertainty?

The Southeast Asia market started slowly to pick up after the Covid period as several operators from different countries are looking to enhance their commercial fleet. In fact, some of them have planned aircraft deliveries for their expansion, including start-up airlines. Nevertheless, many commercial airlines and MROs still suffer consequences from Covid, but most show a positive attitude in the forecast. 

What are key services from Magnetic Trading particularly relevant to the Asia-Pacific market? 

Some of the core services that are particularly relevant to the Asia-Pacific market is our comprehensive experience regarding adaptation to current trends and needs. This ties in together with our asset management, component trading, PBH and exchange programs. We are here to support, solve problems, show our effectiveness and help the birds fly high.