3 Questions with Marko Männiste

Magnetic Group

Restoring the faith in safe air-travel is on agenda for 2021 for most of the companies within the aviation industry – interior production providers included. And #TeamMAC has a few solutions in mind. Marko Männiste, Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors, shares his expert insights on what’s in the spotlight this year.

What, in your opinion, will be in the spotlight in the aviation interior industry in 2021?  Marko Männiste: I believe that we can distinguish two groups of travellers – one group is eager to get travelling, doesn’t matter what aircraft, what operator as long as there is a way. The second group will be the one that set the standards to operators: they must be convinced with all the anti-virus upgrades and other safety measures that are introduced on-board. I tend to believe that in addition to ordinary refurbishments that will be picking up slowly, we are going to more and more innovative solutions on-board to keep travellers safe – from anti-virus coatings to touchless “everything”. And all of these solutions will be introduced with the main goal in mind: to make sure that air travel is safe, and to make sure passengers are aware it is. What services MAC is going to add to its profile to meet the industry needs, shaped by the recent pandemic? What other plans have MAC Aero Interiors aligned for 2021? MM: MAC Aero Interiors will have, indeed, a busy year ahead. We will have many improvements to our brand, as we see that we have outgrown old-selves and not reflecting our actual capabilities and our innovative solutions. There’s a wind of change – and this is a welcome change we are going to embrace this year. We are putting a lot of efforts and resources into developing solutions that will make flying a more pleasant experience. These developments will be launched separately, therefore wouldn’t like ruin the surprise! What were the main business takeaways from the crisis in 2020 and how these lessons will benefit the business in the upcoming year? MM: Last year – and before – our main goal has been to support our customers with excellent service. Now during tough times we stand behind our customers and extend our thanks to a long-lasting partnership that helped to get through the crises together. It is a reminder that we should continue on the path we have been on providing top-notch services, keeping innovating and being open-minded to accommodate ever-changing needs of customers just as they are accommodating the varying demand from their customers – for example, passengers, who now, more than ever, need reassurance on safety.