Come out, come out of your shell!

Magnetic Group

Our Head of Logistics, Kaarle Karp, attended ap&m Europe 2018 back in May, as a panel discussion speaker to discuss maintenance procurement strategies and ensuring efficiencies in the supply chain. It was his first time speaking experience in an industry event and we wanted to hear about his feedback. But first, more about Kaarle Karp! Kaarle has been assigned to the Logistics Manager in 2014, and after 3 years he also became in charge of the Purchasing Team as well. Today he is running a team of 33 people who are responsible for a smooth internal and external supply chain all over the world. Kaarle has been involved in many IT development projects in Magnetic MRO which has led to major internal developments over the years. He was also one of the ringleaders who initiated the Kuehne Nagel and joint project which has improved internal supply chain significantly and upgraded Magnetic MRO’s sub brand to a whole new level. In a nutshell, he is a well-equipped and successful colleague with strong business opinions and execution skills; yet, we learned that he was still nervous to be on the stage at ap&m. We asked him why and he kindly shared his views with us. “As some of you know, I have been on many stages before and this is something I really like, but as a speaker, it was my very first conference. To present Magnetic MRO, as well as my very own know-how in front of a number of aerospace experts is something different and much more challenging than what I’m doing with my band on the weekends.” Speaking of, our Logistics Manager raps on weekends. True Story! “I had never expected that much adrenaline and never knew that my heart can beat that strong. I remember I panicked a little and filled with the anxiety of failing my team. Then I thought of what Henry Ford said once, ‘When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.’ This thought kept me calm and focused. Right after the first question hit, it made me nervous for a second, but I was focusing on the main target - presenting myself and the company as professionally as possible. Shortly after I realised that everything was going smoothly, my answered were causing interest among the audience and I got so many great feedback from valuable industry leaders, who were there and listening to the panel.” We asked our CEO about his thoughts on this. His feedback was sincere and encouraging: “There is nothing more human than feeling completely and utterly anxious at some point in your life, especially during first-time-ever occasions. The process of pulling yourself up from your boot-straps can be quite an experience – certainly a challenge. But then the moment comes, that you can realise that you are not only a beginner (or in this case, not just a panel session participant) anymore. That small step and big effort you made, just led him to become a solid opinion former, appreciated by hundreds. I am truly proud.” As our CEO Risto Mäeots always also added, Magnetic MRO management always trusts, supports and empowers its team leaders to take a stand and share our know-how with the world. There is nothing they cannot overcome. Well done, Kaarle!