3 Questions with Daiva Zemaite

Magnetic Group

From Zero to Hero. This is how Magnetic MRO CEO introduced Daiva when she won the Face of the Company award on our annual Kick-Off Party. And this cannot be any truer. Working in a challenging niche field in aviation, providing the tailor-made service and first-ever e-platform for engine stands is what best describes what this lady is capable of.   What's the most challenging part of your work? How do you approach these challenges? The area we are working in, engine stands leasing, is very niche and therefore often not considered necessary… until it's needed. And when it's needed, most often it is urgent. At EngineStands24, we want to disrupt this point of view by presenting a quick and easy way to lease stands whenever it's in predicted or urgent need. Of course, changing the point of view of the industry towards engine stands, such a small thing within the whole industry is challenging. Still, we are working on it by defining the critical needs of existing and potential customers and finding a way to accommodate them. Also, we are continually expanding our stands pool and working on opening new hubs to cover even more regions than we do now. What are the main trends in current engine stands leasing area? What are the key expectations and needs from the customers and how ES24 meet these needs? Digitalization is one of the key trends worldwide – not only in aviation but in other industries, too. So it's not surprising it's touching our area of work. Customers want tailor-made solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible – and with our modern e-platform for hassle-free stand order, I think we are staying ahead of these trends. What are the nearest expansion plans in terms of hubs and also engine stands pool? We have a few hubs in Europe, Middle-East and China, and for 2020, we are planning on opening new hubs in Singapore and also in the USA. This expansion would allow us to offer our tailor-made solutions faster whenever it's needed – and wherever it's needed. With the regional expansion, we are also investing in our engine stands pool offering stands for a variety of engines. What are the key elements to look into when looking for the best engine stand lease solution? Whenever in need for the engine stand and looking for the lessor, it is essential to pay attention to their network, a variety of stands they can offer as well as whether it is OEM approved. It's good to choose dedicated lessor which can guarantee stands will be serviced, will have all necessary approvals and customer service team will be able to react promptly.