Anniversary Interview: Ausra Balciuniene

Magnetic Assets

Even though the aviation industry initially seemed distant and unfamiliar, this week, Ausra Balciuniene celebrates her 5th work anniversary at Magnetic Group. Ausra is the sales coordinator and part of the EnginesStands24 team. Today, she tells us more about her journey behind the scenes and the hobby that's fueling her.

How did your journey in aviation and, more specifically, Magnetic Group begin?

Ausra Balciuniene: I've been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Daiva Zemaite for many years. Five years ago, she invited me to join her team at Magnetic Group as she needed staff. 

This may be a short period for some of the industry's sharks. But for me, it feels significant as it marks a journey into the aviation industry. And here I am, still very happy and more curious than ever to learn and take part in new projects.

Over the past five years, what has changed and progressed? How would you describe your experience working here?

AB: Aircraft, airports, hangars, and aviation as a whole always seemed so mysterious and distant from me. To my surprise, it's a pretty conservative and steady sector. However, technologies have been making shifts. But technological developments are only part of the story; the key ingredient is people. 

Behind anything and everything, people are contributing to making a difference and progress. It’s not about your age or years of experience, but an agile and youthful attitude drives you further and higher. 

I work among professionals with the know-how, who lead with a vision and professionalism, so I'm grateful to have the chance to learn from them. The past few years, in particular, have been filled with both professional and personal growth. Thank you all for helping me grow and improve.

What are some of the most significant projects you’ve contributed to?

AB: The entire time I've been part of the EngineStands24 team. We may be the smallest department company-wise, but we grow steadily together with my two beloved teammates, Daiva and Dainius. 

Everything that happens, big or small, is very important to us — we celebrate all little things and victories. So, when speaking about the most significant project to me, it's worth mentioning the development and launch of our website

When it comes to free time, how do you spend your after-work hours?

AB: All who know me could guess the answer right away — I dance! I love dancing and do it at least twice a week or more. I go to Zumba classes to relax, clear my head and regain positive and happy vibes. It recharges me and makes me smile. With that said, I wish everyone would find an activity that helps them let it loose, live more from their hearts and enjoy every moment. 

EngineStands24 team from left: Daiva Zemaite, Dainius Marciulionis, Ausra Balciuniene