Faces of Magnetic: Oleksandra Tryzna

Magnetic Talents

For Oleksandra Tryzna, our new Training Manager at Magnetic Training, this summer has brought many changes – one of them being the recently passed CAA interview and the kick-off of her adventure with us. Get to know Oleksandra better as we feature her as the Face of Magnetic.

What was your path to aviation? What was your path to Magnetic Group?

To be honest, it was an accidental choice which was taken at the moment of selecting my profession at university. It changed my life forever. And I have no regrets about it.
I worked at National Aviation University (Kyiv, Ukraine) for 13 years as a lecturer, including 4 years as Part-147 Training Manager. Then I became a Head of Maintenance training department in “MAUtechnic”, which also included duties and responsibilities of Part-147 Training Manager. And now, in June 2022, I was invited to become a part of the Magnetic team as a Part-147 Training Manager.

What was the most challenging part of the preparation and the whole interview process with CAA? What was the most exciting part?

I was really surprised that the process of interviewing with CAA was amazingly friendly, and I have a lot of positive vibes that they really believe in me. I would say the whole process was rather exciting – including the final part where I got my „pass“!

What are the key challenges in your line of work?

My main goal is to establish the process of studying in a way that will be very useful and in accordance with aviation rules, and at the same time, it will be exciting for trainees – and I am ready to tackle this challenge together with the whole Magnetic Training team.

What is your line of work that you enjoy the most?

I really like when my colleagues come up with their ideas for improvement of our procedures and training process – I appreciate the proactive and “do more, do better” attitude.

Besides work, do you have any hobbies or interests you’d like to share?

My favorite hobby is drawing portraits. In these works, I try to convey the inner world of a man and a person’s kind heart.