Providing in-flight and onboard pocket solutions

Magnetic Creative

Magnetic Creative's custom-made literature pockets offer lightweight construction, with various sizes and colours suitable for your stowage requirements. The unique design offers a simple application for seat mounting and a compact compartment where items can be easily stored. 

Magnetic Creative's dedicated textile team have manufactured over 270 literature pockets for a number of premium customers since August 2022. 

"The demand for this signature product continues to gain popularity within the aerospace market, and we have had additional requests from several clients for supply in 2023 and beyond. Totalling to date, a requirement of over 630 literature pockets in just 6 months, a truly outstanding achievement for us, and a fantastic response from our customer base for one of our most sought-after products. Demonstrating further, the positive feedback from our customers, supporting an increasing demand in an ever-changing industry, whilst showcasing our team’s amazing ability to not only achieve a high volume of requirements within time-critical situations but that this product’s quality, versatility and application are quickly becoming an in-flight, onboard “must have”," shared Zuzana Obračajová, Sales Director at Magnetic Creative.