Enter Air entrusts Magnetic MRO with nineteen Boeing 737NG PBH support

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a provider of Total Technical Care, and Enter Air, Poland’s largest and Eastern Europe’s second largest charter carrier, have signed a three-year contract for PBH support for the airline's 19 Boeing 737-800s. The recently signed agreement includes scheduled and 24/7 ad-hoc supply of components, component repair management, loan, exchange and warranty support services for the carrier’s Boeing 737 NG fleet at Warsaw Chopin, Katowice-Pyrzowice and at its other main airports. “As a charter airline, Enter Air is nothing but a demanding customer to any PBH provider. What has brought Magnetic MRO into the arena is the fusion of our growing asset management expertise combined with extensive component maintenance capabilities by our new shareholder Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology (Hangxin),” shares Inga Duglas, Commercial Director at Magnetic MRO. “Being one of the largest charter airlines in the region, we need efficient component supply in order to ensure the fleet’s smooth performance. However, launching and maintaining an extended stock of non-critical components requires substantial investments and an additional team to run it. Luckily, together with Magnetic MRO and their PBH program, we will be able to keep our component supply, repair and overhaul costs optimized while maintaining high fleet performance and timely AOG support,” says Mariusz Olechno, Chief Technical Officer at Enter Air.