Securing the future careers for the next generation of aircraft engineers: Magnetic MRO and OSM Aviation launch a pioneering joint apprenticeship program

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO and OSM Aviation (OSM) signed a MoU to engage in a strategic partnership by generating an apprenticeship program aimed at OSM recruits and employees. The first group of qualified technical apprentices from Norway and Sweden has been selected and will start their 24 months practical studies program at the Magnetic MRO in Tallinn, Estonia, from early September 2020.  Globally, the aircraft technical trade has undergone dramatic changes and shifts in manpower requirements over the past decades. At a regional-level, there has been a steady reduction and a slow-down of maintenance activities carried out in Scandinavia. As a consequence, there has been a sharp decrease in interest among students who select the aircraft technical trade and the industry is suffering from low growth and low interest among young talents. OSM Aviation, a leading global specialist in employment, training and administration of aviation personnel worldwide, has also encountered the lack of internship opportunities in the region for the students who require such apprenticeships in order to complete their technical studies, therefore the joint program was established in cooperation with Magnetic MRO. The first application wave proved to be successful with over 60 students applying for the internship, laying the foundation for a continuous and promising program offering. “We are delighted to enter to the partnership to alleviate the deficiency of the aircraft technicians globally. We consider this pilot program to be our small step for help the industry to train and develop young people to future aircraft technicians. We also value the call for such cooperation as the proof of our well-established reputation and positive outlook towards the highest standards of our services and professionals,” shared Ene Krinpus, HR Manager at Magnetic MRO. “The reduction of the volume of aircraft maintenance technical production in Scandinavia has resulted in a reduced capacity among the major stakeholders in the market to provide enough training and follow-up of apprentices during their 24 months apprenticeship program which is a regulatory requirement in both Norway and Sweden. It is important to note that the level of detail and technical depth during the apprenticeship program remain limited, to such a level that the industry is unable to utilize the “Blank AML” candidates to the fullest capacity upon completion of the apprenticeship program. Therefore, OSM reached out to Magnetic MRO to explore the possibilities and potential for a meaningful collaboration that will address this issue, recognizing that MMRO is highly reputable and renowned organization for base maintenance in northern Europe, accomplishing maintenance tasks and projects for all major operators in Europe and beyond, “ says Thom-Arne Norheim, Technical Director of OSM Aviation.