3 Questions With Helena Ainsoo

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From vocational study program with Estonian Aviation Academy to a hands-on training program for students from Scandinavia – here, at Magnetic MRO, we value real-life work experience and mentorship. ​

Helena Ainsoo, HR Business Partner at Magnetic MRO, shared a few of her expert insights on the extra miles we walk.

What are the latest initiatives Magnetic MRO has to tackle workforce issues as well as to promote hands-on learning?

We believe that tackling the issue of finding the necessary workforce starts from providing traineeship and learning opportunities in the company. Magnetic MRO`s goal is to be the preferred intern- and apprenticeship provider both in Estonia and abroad. That being said, one of our latest initiatives is improving the process of applying for intern- and apprenticeships. On our Magnetic MRO webpage, we have now a separate section for candidates who seek an intern- and apprenticeship opportunity. This brings us even more visibility on the possibilities, and the page is something to keep an eye on as we keep it updated regularly. If any intern- or apprenticeship position becomes available, it will be advertised there.
We also continue our cooperation with the schools and universities in Estonia and abroad. We launched a new recruitment campaign, which is part of our ongoing cooperation with the Estonian Aviation Academy, to open a new group for the Aircraft Technician vocational study program. This will be a workplace-based study, where the share of study in the company is significantly higher than usual and makes up at least 2/3 of the study volume. This will be an amazing opportunity to combine hands-on learning with theoretical know-how and, of course, start your career in aviation. The recruitment is still ongoing – we just completed phase 1 of the campaign, and the 2nd phase will begin in September.
We are also glad to announce that our cooperation with OSM Aviation (OSM) continues, and we have a new group of qualified technical apprentices from Norway joining our team to start their 24 months practical studies at our facilities in Tallinn. This is already a second group that is joining our team, as the first group started already early in September 2020.

What is the feedback Magnetic MRO has received so far on programs alike?

The feedback has been great – we have established successful cooperation with many schools in Estonia and abroad, and it seems that the word that Magnetic MRO is providing great learning opportunities is reaching further than it has done before.

What other plans Magnetic MRO has in terms of mentorship, hands-on studies?

We plan to continue with helping educational institutions to improve their study programs and to offer hands-on practical experience for their students. 2020 was a good year for us in regards to being awarded as the “Best Traineeship Provider” in Estonia and “Best Vocational Study Program in Europe”. That said, we are also working on our mentorship program in Magnetic MRO on how to improve and provide even better know-how for our mentors on how to be the best mentor to a person who is just starting her/his career in our company. Also, we want to share experiences and stories from our employees on their journey in Magnetic MRO and how the hands-on studies have been for them.
So, this is not the time to rest. We need to continue to look for ways on how to become even better at providing learning opportunities in Magnetic MRO.