MAC Interiors is to complete a whole cabin modification project for Med-View Airlines

Magnetic Group

MAC Interiors, a UK-based leading aircraft interior specialist with more than 50 years of heritage, is getting ready to release Med-View Airlines’ Boeing 767 aircraft following a full cabin modification project. MAC, mostly known for its individual project supplies, has successfully served as a total technical care partner to Med-View covering every spot throughout the aircraft and making sure it is airworthy – both inside and out!

The invigorating project started with a galley refurbishment, which is recognised as one of the core competencies of MAC Interiors. Early on, Med-View identified the potential to amplify the scope of the project that had been awarded to MAC Interiors and expanded the project to complete cabin modification; covering the design of the full concept, lavatory updates, installation of surveillance cameras and lighting throughout the entire cabin, production & installation of carpets, curtains and new dividers, stowage installation, GPS installation, as well as the modification of all business, premium and economy class seats. MAC Interiors Board Member, Andrius Norkevičius stated that this is a defining milestone for MAC in terms of the many sub projects serving to one big project; which has granted all the teams, including Magnetic MRO units, the chance to unify forces and execute all of their specialties at once. Speaking of which, major input from Magnetic MRO, owner of MAC Interiors and a global Total Technical Care maintenance and asset management organisation, was provided to support the project. Magnetic MRO design and production teams contributed to the project by manufacturing soft furnishing and modifying interior kits. On account of the joint know-how of Magnetic MRO and MAC Interiors, everything could be completed in-house, cost-effectively and smoothly.

One of the key enablers of the project scope was also the involvement of a local UK MRO. Following the project completion, this cooperation will enable a release of the whole aircraft; unlike the previous times when MAC Interiors was limited to kit supplies.

“This is a benchmark project for MAC Interiors to emphasise our umbrella brand’s ‘Total Technical Care’ attitude.” said Rubin Flower, VP of Sales. “This has been a very exciting and educating challenge for us, the significance of such an experience is unmeasurable. We certainly are looking forward to similar business in the near future as we will apply our experience and knowledge from the whole project.”

“We are delighted to team up with MAC Interiors and fully satisfied with their service quality that truly enhanced our cabin.” stated Med-View Airline’s CEO Alhaji Muneer Bankole. “We are about to conclude a long-term collective agreement and looking forward to working together again for future projects.”