3 Questions With Natalja Lagno

Magnetic Group

The effective and sustainable supply chain is important in, probably, every industry – thus it plays a vital role in the dynamic aviation market! Take a closer look into material planning and logistics in our Magnetic world together with Natalja Lagno, our Material Planner we're happy to join in our 3 Questions With feature!

How has the recent pandemic changed the way aviation logistics are functioning, and what solutions are you implementing to meet these changes? Although aviation logistics, as well as the whole supply chain world, are facing the pressure to reduce costs, it is critical to ensure the effective and sustainable supply chain with reliable key suppliers to support the business activity during the downtime and recovery from the crisis. For this reason, in the purchasing department, we are excited to work jointly with our partners to make the cooperation more transparent and processes optimized. There are 80 000 of different materials and aircraft spare parts registered in Magnetic MRO system, and Material Planners team is working with approx. 200 of suppliers to support business units with such spare parts delivery. Just before the pandemic, we have performed extensive demand analysis and launched the new high-running materials stock replenishment approach. Thus, it allows us now to immediately react to changes in spare parts demand. Structured, transparent and automated approach aligned with purchasing strategy became more important due to recent changes and will remain essential to overcome supply chain bottlenecks. What are the key values for those working within logistics? What are the personal traits required? I agree with saying that the future belongs to those who think ahead even on a smaller scale. Logistics and purchasing team is fighting every day to get the right material at the right time, right quantity, right price and top quality. In fact, the whole market and supply chain knowledge is required to meet this goal. Also, tight cooperation with different parties is needed: maintenance personnel, customers, manufacturers, suppliers, freight forwarders, and cargo terminals. Planning, seeing the potential risks, ability to reconfigure quickly and, of course, keeping the positive attitude is essential for this process flow. What innovative technologies is Magnetic MRO implementing to optimize logistics? The global logistics has become a hotbed for different IT-innovations. We create our own internally and together with our partners. Did you know that up to 1000 spare part requirements might come during the first three days of heavy maintenance check? This is a huge workload for technical personnel as well as logistics and purchasing. Nevertheless, this creates opportunities for optimization. Magnetic MRO purchasing team has started to use the innovative digital platform helping airline industry buyers connect with suppliers to procure millions of aircraft parts globally. With a couple of clicks, we can get access to real-time stock availability and pricing of hundreds of suppliers. Improved sourcing is one of the first steps in purchasing process optimization. Currently, we are working on automatization of the most resource-consuming processes in material supply flow in order to allow the team to focus more on value-adding operations. These innovations will support us in the rapidly changing world and keep Magnetic MRO moving ahead of time.