“In order to encourage passengers to fly again, we have to prioritize their safety”: MAC Aero Interiors offers a simple solution to fast-track the recovery of air-travel

Magnetic Group

MAC Aero Interiors, subsidiary of a global provider of Total Technical Care for aircraft operators and lessors, Magnetic MRO, reacting to the current situation in the aviation market, has started the production of the sanitizing kits, designed for both airports and airlines and aimed at tackling both the virus and the fear of air-travel because of it. In the light of the coronavirus crisis and reflecting to changing perception towards flying and personal health safety, MAC Aero Interiors, consulted by medical staff, have developed sanitizing kits which could be used both by passengers and the crew at the aircraft. “As aviation is facing unprecedented times, and we as a part of the industry would like to soften the impact the airlines and passengers both. Resumed travelling is the main factor that will have an effect on the current situation and will allow the industry to recover from the crisis. Thus, to encourage air-travel again, we are ready to contribute to making flying as safe as possible and helping to ensure passengers of their safety”, shared Marko Männiste, Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors. PPE kits come with certificates and individual packaging, maintaining the items sterile until they are used, and also can be branded and customized according to the customer needs. As Mr Männiste says, this is the new reality of travelling; thus industry players should put their focus on how to guarantee the maximum safety of passengers and industry personnel – as well as how to encourage passengers to fly again. Handing out protective kits to every arriving passenger at the airport, giving them to passengers at the airport by the airlines during the check-in or even being delivered to passengers’ home address – this measure could be implemented worldwide and play a role in both combating the spread of the virus and the restoration of air traffic.