From internship to pursuing a career in aviation with Magnetic Group

Magnetic Talents

What is it like to be a trainee at the most passionate company in the aviation industry? To answer this question, we have interviewed Magnetic Group trainees from various departments, including Angela Väälma from Finance, Arina Saveljeva from Engineering, Jovita Kuodytė from Marketing, Patriks Sterninieks from Logistics, and Carlos Andre from Base Maintenance. Read the interview below to discover the exciting details of Magnetic traineeships!

What is your impression about the traineeship at Magnetic Group? 

Arina: I am only in the first year of Aviation Academy, and this internship feels like a dream come true! People here are open, friendly, and ready to teach or help you. My team is fantastic, and I admire the professionalism of my colleagues – I aspire to become just as hardworking and ambitious as they are. 

Angela: It is my second internship at Magnetic Group, and clearly, there is a reason I came back. I can still picture my first day when I entered the Magnetic building for the first time; everyone at the office looked so serious, working behind their computers. But once I started talking to them, it all changed: I was called a colleague from day one, and I felt very welcomed! My first internship ended in September 2021, but I got a call in February 2022 asking if I'd like to re-join the team, and obviously, they did not have to ask me twice!

Patriks: I've been here for almost a year now, and it has been fantastic! I appreciate how much my supervisors trusted me, as I was able to work independently.

Carlos: My experience with Magnetic Group was also pleasant– during the internship, I had very friendly and helpful co-workers. The work was exciting, although it seemed difficult at first; in fact, I was worried about how I would do in working and maintaining the aircraft, but it was all very learnable at the end of the day.

To whom you would recommend taking a traineeship at Magnetic Group?

Jovita: I recommend the Magnetic Group traineeship to everyone who has a flaming passion for aviation and is ready to take off their career! Indeed, a Magnetic traineeship is a perfect place to gain essential professional skills and apply what you learned at the university.

Angela: To anyone interested in working in the aviation industry – Magnetic Group truly offers many career opportunities! Thus, if you are already thinking about applying to Magnetic Group, try; there is nothing to lose, only win!

Describe working at Magnetic Group in one sentence.

Patriks: Working at Magnetic is motivating and nurturing as everyone is helping you grow and develop your goals and skillset.

Carlos: Teamwork is key, and I have the friendliest, most responsive co-workers who make even the most challenging task seem easy.

Arina: Working at Magnetic Group is a road to great opportunities through a thorny yet exciting path.

Jovita: At Magnetic Group, every day is filled with creative tasks and solutions!