Tips and tricks on how the opportunities for business process management, created by the crisis, could not be wasted

Magnetic Group

COVID-19 has thrown the global economy into crisis, affecting a number of industries and a great number of businesses. Aviation is one of those that have been hit and hit real hard. However, as a crisis changes the economy, it also poses the opportunity to change business. In fact, this becomes inevitable – but if we make some changes now in order to get up stronger tomorrow? Ingrid Joost, Business Process Management at Magnetic MRO, shares a few tips on small steps companies can do now, especially if they put major processes-related projects on hold.

Now, as we face a considerable recession, we have more time to focus on our actions – the how and what we do, how these processes can be bettered by implementing new systems or solutions, how the ideal solutions can be achieved, and what kind of resources we require for achieving them. Taking into the account the fact that we are currently in a crisis, we should focus on small and simple solutions, which can be implemented quickly and at a reasonable price and, at the same time, can help to drastically improve the processes and its outcomes”, shared Ingrid. Ingrid also shared, that since Magnetic MRO was hit hard by the current situation and have taken some measurements, like postponing projects that require large-scale investments, the focus was switched on smaller changes in the existing system, taking into the account that these adjustments are sustainable in the long run. According to Ingrid, such smaller steps aviation (and not only) companies can take, are projects like standardisation and automatization of transport costs, automatization of invoice confirmation systems, implementation of staff management software, and, as for example, Factory Master software implementation in production. Such projects can be run with minimal resources but at the same time would have a positive effect on many units within the company. In addition to small yet important solutions implementation, it is safe to say that the current period of decreased work-load can be turned into very beneficial and dedicated to acquire or develop individual skills. With such attitude in mind, from April here at Magnetic MRO we have started conducting courses for managers on the topics of analysing, leading and optimising processes, the goal of which is to help managers notice and eliminate the flaws in their own work. Ingrid is a strong believer that these actions will help the company to be smarter and more efficient when the crisis is over – according to her, to know better our processes and to be able to implement changes when necessary is one of the keys to success. So the opportunity for change generated by the crisis should not be wasted!