3 Questions with Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv

Magnetic Group

From 3D printing to innovative cabin solutions to ensure the ultimate cabin safety; from top-notch parts to full cabin interior design – Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv, Interior Project Manager has always led his team to stay on the top of the game. And now he’s ready to share some of his professional – and personal – insights! Check it out as he takes part in #3QuestionsWith feature!

What are the most exciting recent projects your team at the interior unit has been recently working on? For myself, one of the most exciting projects right now is one with Estonian National Art Academy who contacted MAC Aero Interiors with a proposal to prepare a real-life task to some of their students as they have leather accessories module at the Academy. So, we have decided to give them a task to design a next-generation literature pocket prototype. Although it may sound like a fairly simple product, in fact, it has a lot of functional and safety requirements thus it’s a good exercise for them. And also, our goal is to give them the freedom to come up with some outside-the-box ideas – with this in mind, I am helping to put together the course for this fall semester and also will take part some lectures as well as evaluation of the final works from students. Really excited to see what ideas they will come up with! We’re also working on very exciting VIR aircraft project – keep an eye on the news from us coming out shortly! What are the coming trends within the aircraft interior and how you’re responding to those trends (innovative solutions, new product concepts etc)? Being more eco-friendly, more sustainable is one of the key trends nowadays: for example, most of the airlines are opting for lighter solutions within the interior – either 3D printed or produced from lighter materials – as it contributes to the lighter aircraft weight and consequentially reduces the fuel consumption. And in response to this, we also are able to provide 3D printed parts as well as have lighter, thinner materials to offer to clients. Also, aircraft interiors evolved to be easily maintainable – as the aim now is to spend as little time in hangars as possible, the interior has to be produced in the way it is easy to replace parts, fix it and maintain it. How has the recent pandemic changed the aircraft interior market? Are there any new requirements for products from clients? With no doubt, safety has always been a top priority in aviation and now it is more important than ever – and there’re many developments in the market to ensure it in the midst of pandemic: from no-touch handles to UV light solutions for disinfecting the aircraft, all of them are being developed with even higher onboard safety requirements in mind. Passengers are also more cautious about air travel – and any travel – thus it is important to take all the measures needed and also educate people about it to encourage flying. Within our company, from the early stages of the pandemic, we have been developing solutions for the aircraft interior that would both ensure the safe flight and also make passengers feel safe – and considering the current situation, attention to increased safety is here to last.