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The Mac Aero Interiors relocation program was initiated in 2019 and was strategized to improve the company’s productivity and to make the most of the expansion into larger premises. There was the added goal of relocating production to be in a prime location to offer products and services from an airside-based facility. 

Although undertaking such a challenging task could have potentially impacted on the operational aspect of our business, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure that our procedures were maintained, and not only that, but also streamlined to improve the team’s integrity. 

Our internal procedures have been rewritten to incorporate such aspects as new joint business ventures with some of the industry’s leading names. Our team has undergone extensive in-house training and attended workshops to guarantee that we can offer our customers the very best quality and service at all times. The supply chain, production and design have all been restructured. This, in turn, has strengthened our position within the global aviation market, and has had a positive impact on sales. 

Whilst embarking on this business venture, we also had to manage the Covid-19 crisis and the severity of the impact on our business. Thanks to our senior management, who were able to swiftly draft a recovery strategy along with a step-by-step support guide, the business and our team were able to continue to function efficiently, safely and confidently. 

We also used this challenging time to review our product range and obtain our customers’ feedback concerning their expectations, as well as regarding what we could do to fulfill their future requirements. 

We have introduced PPE kits to allow our customers to continue to operate safely within the set government guidelines. This has demonstrated our ability to adapt and support this everchanging industry. 

Another exciting step for us was the introduction of our new, exclusive product line, which includes a range of solutions that can be incorporated into a multitude of areas within the aircraft, allowing operators to save time and money while storing aircrafts. Alongside this, we also showcased a new range of solutions for engines, wheels, and windscreens, which are lightweight, durable and cost effective. They can be customized to any preferred color scheme, shape, or size, depending on the customer’s requirements. 

As part of our business strategy, refurbishment has also been an area of focus. We recognized that during the recent period of restricted travel, operators were able to have essential work carried out on their aircraft, which would otherwise have disrupted their normal flight schedule. For instance, one of the most notable refurbishment programs was our project for VJET, which has recently been completed by providing refurbishment on a Legacy 600. MAC Aero Interiors also worked on an Embraer Legacy 600, providing a complete program covering the interior refurbishment and full aircraft painting in a VIP finish. This program comprised everything from the creation of the interior and painting design concept; to the pre-induction cabin survey; to the full aircraft painting in a VIP finish; to the design, manufacture, installation and refurbishment of the seats, lavatories, and other interior parts. In addition to the production and sales elements of the business, our design team have also been heavily involved with supporting numerous LOPA changes, drawing revisions & CMM supplements. Their continued input into these areas has allowed us to be involved in some fantastic projects and offer expertise to our entire clientele. 

After the global challenges the industry has endured over the last year, we are more confident and excited than ever to continue to develop and grow as a leading name within the aviation interiors market.