Hands-on experience that kicks-off career in aviation: interview with Kristi Murumets

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Kristi Murumets has recently graduated from the unique two-year Aircraft Technician vocational study program, designed in cooperation between Magnetic MRO and Estonian Aviation Academy. We sat down with Kristi to learn more about her studies and the next steps ahead.

Kristi, let’s start with you telling us how did you get into this speciality in the first place? Kristi Murumets: Three years ago, I was studying marketing at university. To be honest, at that time I didn’t have specific goals in life and I just went to study so I won’t waste my time. I never even thought of working in aviation, much less as a mechanic! But the tables turned when in the autumn of 2018, an engineering day took place at the university, where I got to know the activities of Magnetic MRO for the first time. There was an immediate interest in aviation and I wanted to do my internship at this company. As my chosen field marketing was largely related to engineering, in the spring of 2019 I had the opportunity to do an internship. I have spent a few weeks in Magnetic MRO, and I was completely fascinated by aviation by that time. Where did you hear about apprentice program? And why did you choose it? KM: I heard about work-based learning from colleagues who had joined the program the previous year.  At that time, I had zero knowledge about aircraft and mechanics, but I was already in the environment. I like the idea of hands-on experience as being away from aircraft for years to gain theoretical knowledge was unthinkable for me. The form of work-based learning was an ideal option that led me to the decision to enroll! What do you like about work-based learning? KM: What I like most is that the knowledge acquired in the lectures can be immediately put into practice, and what is learned at work also contributes to a better understanding of the theory. This creates a strong link between knowledge and practise. In your opinion, what are the key benefits of this program? And to whom would you recommend to enroll to such program? KM: In my opinion, the great advantage for this program was that aviation knowledge was in no way necessary to join the apprentice program. Anyone, who is interested in learning the maintenance technician profession, can apply for the program - and I would recommend taking the same journey to lay a solid foundation for their beginning aviation career. Even for those who are not yet aviation-geeks may discover the fascination with this field! What about your work now? And what are your future plans for the next career steps? KM: The school is over now – and thanks to this program, I have a very good overview of the work process of maintenance technicians: I have acquired a lot of useful knowledge, which makes it easier for me to reach larger goals. At work, I have now moved on to avionics - in addition to mechanics, is also really interesting for me, thus I will keep on learning in this area for sure. Also, I have more future goals now – I am planning to pass both B1 and B2 modules and become licensed to further expand my knowledge base about aircraft. There’s a lot of work ahead but I am excited to learn more every day! Besides aviation, what are your other hobbies and interests? KM: I often like to spend my free time with creative activities, such as painting or writing songs and words on them. However, the greatest interest is in general self-development in various fields. There can never be too much knowledge – and learning as well as experiencing new things keeps me going!