Anniversary interview with Oksana Falkenberg

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Started from the lucky coincidence, stayed by choice – that's the right way to begin introducing Oksana Falkenberg, Production Planner at Base Maintenance here at Magnetic MRO, who is celebrating her 15th anniversary (or "workiversary" how we call it) being part of Magnetic family! We sat down with Oksana to hear all about she got involved in aviation – and what keeps her here for so many years!

Q: Oksana, congratulations – 15 years is quite something! Tell us how this adventure has started? How did you get involved with aviation? Oksana Falkenberg: Right, it's quite the number. But the time flies, doesn't it? When thinking about the very start, it was quite by chance – luck, I would say! I was not planning to dive into the aviation industry, but sometimes things just happen. When I look back, it was the right time and the right place. I'd like to think that aviation needed me! Q: Indeed, it did! In which position did you start your Magnetic journey? OF: I've kicked off my Magnetic career as Base Maintenance assistant, then worked as a Manpower Planner until 2014, when I became Production Planner and enjoying this position ever since. I've always been part of Base Maintenance team! Q: Base Maintenance is where a lot of important – and exciting – things happen. Tell us more about the daily tasks you're facing working in this department? OF: As production planner, I have to process bits of information and convert them into understandable numbers which then can be analyzed. It requires a lot of organizational and planning skills as well as a lot of personal communication with other team members and not only. It's quite a lively job! Q: And what about not daily adventures? Can you share some of your best memories from your time here at Magnetic? OF: To be honest, even after 15 years each day is small but the best memory. I go to work with great pleasure and enjoy sudden and challenging tasks – I think I like challenges and the feeling of accomplishment when such tasks are solved. Q: That's nice to hear that each day is like a small adventure for you. Would you say that this how it was in all those years you worked here? How would you describe your time here in these 15 years? OF: Everything is like in the tale of Hans Christian Andersen "Twelve Passengers". We are all passengers who travel in the stagecoaches of their destinies, creating common success stories. And the new year is the next stop! Q: I bet there are quite a few success stories already created on the way. Would you say that working at Magnetic has changed your journey – or even the destination? OF: It changed the direction of my journey. My work became a big part of my life. Here, we are growing, getting smarter, gaining experience together. I like that and understand this as part of my adventure – and that's the key to my happiness. Q: You're really enjoying working here – would you also recommend Magnetic to others? OF: Without fail. It's dynamic and demanding, but there's so much you get in return that it makes being in Magnetic one perfect journey which is nowhere close to its end. [gallery ids="10559,10558,10557"]