An Inside Look at the Aircraft In-Seat Power Supply Systems Market

Magnetic Creative

By Laurynas Krasinskas
Head of Design Organisation, Magnetic Creative

In a world constantly on the move, in-flight comfort is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. With the evolution of technology, passengers expect to stay connected and powered throughout their journey. Recognizing this, airlines are investing in cutting-edge In-Seat Power Supply Systems (ISPS) that offer continuous, reliable power at the passenger’s seat. Let’s highlight and compare some of the market-leading ISPSs, showcasing how they're changing the in-flight customer experience.

Enriching Flight Experiences: In-Seat Power Supply Systems

The crux of ISPS lies in creating an environment of uninterrupted connectivity and entertainment for passengers, allowing them to use and charge their electronic devices throughout the flight. From smartphones and tablets to laptops, ISPS keeps passenger devices running. Typically offering both AC and DC power supply, these systems ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Astronics’ EmPower®: Powering Your Journey

Astronics’ EmPower® system aims to ensure a passenger’s electronic devices never run out of power. Designed for high reliability, safety and device compatibility, EmPower® offers both 110V AC and high-power USB outlets. The powerful 200W per seat AC system is ideal for energy-hungry devices, while the USB outlets offer a solid 2.1A current, keeping smaller devices charged and ready to perform. 

KID-Systeme's SKYpower: Intelligent Power, Unlimited Connectivity

Offering both AC and USB outlets, SKYpower's standout feature is its innovative power management system. This system optimizes power distribution based on the device's needs, creating a seamless charging experience that is both efficient and safe. Redefining the USB power landscape, KID-Systeme's SKYpower boasts an impressive high-power USB charging with up to 2.1A current.

IMAGIK's FlightHub: Power, Entertainment and Beyond

While  IMAGIK's FlightHub may lack AC power outlets, it makes up for it with its advanced media hub and robust USB charging capabilities. Its USB ports can deliver a competitive 2.1A, ensuring smaller devices stay fully charged. More than just a charging point, FlightHub integrates with the in-flight entertainment system, offering personalized media content. 

Parameter Comparison: Which ISPS Takes the Crown?

Power and Versatility

When it comes to raw power, Astronics’ EmPower® and KID-System's SKYpower stand out with up to 200W per seat for AC power. However, versatility is king in this digital age, and both systems earn their stripes by offering both AC and DC charging.

Intelligent Power Management

In the smart power race, SKYpower takes the crown with its innovative power management system. By dynamically distributing power based on device needs, it ensures maximum power efficiency and safety.

Beyond Power: Extra Features

While raw power is important, extra features can provide an edge in enhancing passenger experience. IMAGIK's FlightHub serves as more than just a charging station by integrating with the in-flight entertainment system.

USB Parameter Comparison: The Power Behind the Ports

Power Output

Power output is an essential metric for USB-based ISPS, determining how quickly and effectively they can charge passenger devices. Astronics’ EmPower®, KID-Systeme's SKYpower, and IMAGIK's FlightHub all lead the pack, delivering a robust 2.1A current through their USB ports. 

Power Management

Intelligent power management is about much more than merely supplying power—it's about dynamically adjusting the power distribution based on the connected devices' needs, which optimizes efficiency and enhances safety.

KID-Systeme's SKYpower excels in this domain with its intelligent power management feature. By dynamically balancing the power distribution across devices, it ensures optimal usage and prevents overloading. This smart, responsive approach to power management sets SKYpower apart, making it a highly efficient choice for modern airlines.

Extra Features

IMAGIK's FlightHub stands out by integrating with the in-flight entertainment system. This seamless integration allows for personalized media content delivery, providing an entertainment experience that goes hand-in-hand with device charging. Passengers can enjoy their favorite movies, music, or shows while their devices recharge. 

Installation and Maintenance

Ease of installation and maintenance can significantly impact the overall effectiveness and cost efficiency of these systems. All three systems—EmPower®, SKYpower, and FlightHub—have been designed with ease of installation in mind, making them suitable for various aircraft configurations.

However, the support of an experienced service provider like Magnetic Group Design Organization. With their extensive experience in ISPS implementation and maintenance, Magnetic Creative can ensure these systems are integrated seamlessly into your aircraft and maintained properly to deliver optimal performance.


All three systems are designed to be compatible with a wide range of USB devices, ensuring that all passengers, regardless of the device they carry, can benefit from the provided power supply.

While all three USB-based ISPS options—EmPower®, SKYpower, and FlightHub—offer robust power output, they each bring unique strengths to the table in terms of power management, extra features, ease of installation, and device compatibility. As such, the decision on which system to adopt will depend on the specific needs and priorities of the airline and its passengers.

Having the Right ISPS & Integrator is Essential to Providing the Best Customer Experience

When it comes to choosing the right USB-based ISPS, it's about blending the unique needs of an airline and its passengers with the most advanced technology. With their continuous innovation, these USB solutions are set to redefine the in-flight experience, promising to keep passengers powered up and satisfied throughout their journey.

However, these systems are only as good as their implementation. With a deep understanding of both technology and regulatory aspects, Magnetic Creative crafts solutions tailored to meet your needs. Whether you aim for the reliability of Astronics’ EmPower®, or any other In Seat Power Supply system, Magnetic Creative can help you set up and maintain your system.

In today's always-on world, travelers want to always have access to their devices so they can stay connected. Providing this accommodation is no longer a luxury,  but an essential necessity to the customer experience. If your aircraft is lacking a modern ISPS, you’re falling behind. Fortunately trusted partners like Magnetic Creative can help.