Full asset management solutions for aircraft redeliveries

Magnetic Group

Magnetic MRO has recently completed a full delivery support of Boeing 737-800, MSN 32604 to Go2Sky, following the contract signed to provide a complete range of asset management solutions for aircraft Lessor. Cliff Brown of IASG acting for the Lessor stated that “It was a great team effort by all departments within Magnetic in compressed timescales and a need to get the aircraft operational as soon as possible.” The aircraft was previously operated by Hainan Airlines and was delivered to a Go2Sky with a fresh EASA Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) recommendation, leading to 16 years of Chinese operations and maintenance documents being checked meticulously. The entire transformation process took place in Tallinn facility, covering many technical care solutions including painting, DOA, CAMO, Interior Workshop, Line and Base Maintenance backing, as well as Seat Shop support together with MAC Interiors – subsidiary of Magnetic MRO. “It was orchestrated by Magnetic MRO Engineering Unit as the major part of the work scope referred to converting the previous outdated cabin layout into a new and modern looking passenger area. New modifications and conversions were carried out through a smooth communication and professional supervisions, resulting in creating a brand-new looking aircraft inside and out,” stated Priit Kimmel, Engineering Manager. “In spite of all inclusiveness and major challenges the project brought along, the result ended up fully satisfactory for all of us, including our customer.” Before the MSN 32604 redelivery project, Magnetic MRO was involved in a similar full asset management support for Magnetic Parts Trading Ltd. who purchased an Airbus 320, MSN1413, in order to upgrade and deliver the aircraft to SmartLynx Airlines Estonia. It was an A to Z project for CAMO team, who was responsible for building up complete aircraft history, review records and restore back-to-birth traceability of crucial components as well as going through major maintenance Work-Packs. The project resulted in successfully issuing an ARC recommendation for an aircraft with a complicated history. In parallel DOA was supporting aircraft upgrade with other key activities like livery design, LOPA, EEL, floor cover change and PQAR deactivation among many other tasks. [gallery ids="3967,3948,3938,3956"]