Anniversary Interview: Julija Nalivaikaite

Magnetic Assets

The one-year working anniversary marks a fundamental start, and this time, Julija Nalivaikaite, Sales Support Coordinator at Magnetic Trading, tells us about her experience. Behind every sale made, there’s a well-coordinated and meticulous team, and Julija is part of it, helping every deal get executed as smoothly as possible. 

How did your journey in aviation and, more specifically, Magnetic Group begin?

Since the start of my professional career, I have been interested in the transport sector, which is usually intertwined with sales. However, the desire for challenges did not give me peace of mind, and I kept looking for some powerful, worthwhile direction that would continually help me grow.

As life would have it, a former colleague and friend of mine recommended that I apply to Magnetic Group because they had an open position. So, as much as I doubted myself, I went along and submitted my application. Today, I am just as proud to be part of the Magnetic Trading team and have found everything I was looking for, professionally and personally.  

How would you describe your experience working here? What do you like the most about being a part of the Magnetic Trading team?

I've been working here for a year now, and it's been nothing short of amazing. The work requires much effort and concentration, but the role is also rewarding as it brings excitement and satisfaction. I've gained a lot of knowledge and skills already, and I'm looking forward to learning more.

My team is fantastic! They are very friendly and helpful, and their enthusiasm is through the roof. I admire their professionalism; each is unique, and by observing them, I get motivated to achieve better results. We enjoy not only working but also spending our leisure time together, and it's rare to have both. 

What are some of the most significant tasks or projects you’ve contributed to?

I appreciate every task assigned to me, and most of the time, they are very different, meaning I have to find a new way to solve and complete them.  

Even though I don't work on a project basis as such, more so, I am entrusted with some long-term tasks. I like having certain responsibilities as they require ownership, and I strive to carry them out enthusiastically and support the team and my manager.  

In broader terms, on a day to day, I assist the asset team in their sales processes. My particular focus is on payments and contributing to overall post-sales execution. 

When it comes to free time, how do you spend your after-work hours?

A long-standing passion of mine is working out and, in particular, Crossfit. It helps me switch off after a long workday while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Being outdoors is another activity that helps me relax and find ease. And I also enjoy spending time at home, whether cooking, watching a movie, or playing board games with my friends.